August 2000.

Host Jacky Wu’s home front, packed Changqiangduanbao, what seemed to be waiting.

For a long time, a woman came out.

Not applied Prostitute, vain jewelry.

Her gentle smile toward the media reporter bowed, waved and then walked back to the house.

Zhang Weiwei This is the first time in public.

After the news was published, the media boom raged.


It has been vaunted “single” Jacky Wu, even hidden at home wife and four children.

Hidden legitimate son.

Selling dummies set.

Everyone felt cheated.

One of the most angry people, is Vicky.



Because Wu stalker, a high-profile pursuit of her for years.

When Vicky is red.

She played “Dragon” in the UNIT, pure and moving.

White Moonlight is the hearts of many people.

Including Wu.


He frequently Taking a confession on the show.

The audience also spent a lot of thought a good show.


Send a luxury car ring, go to the studio to visit the set, a phone call ……

Vicky gradually move the heart.

Wu people will come around very thing, have booing “Mrs. Constitution.”

Vicky Chen and Wu

In 1999, Wu open affair with Vicky’s.

Perhaps that is not enough tables he plays.

He also self-direction of a “marriage proposal.”

Christmas Day, Vicky Wu arrange wedding dress on the show.

He kneel flowers.


Singing “The Moon Represents My Heart.”

Finally, Vicky Lan Guo, kissed up.

The audience screamed one.

The whole world witnessed the tremendous affection Wu confession.

Vicky smiled.

Acquiesced around the “Prince Charming.”

But who would have thought that this man turned out to be a family do?

In 2000, the media exposed Wu married.



Vicky fell from the clouds, somehow became a small three.


She immediately broke up quickly find a new boyfriend.


Regardless of Wu pleaded, I never ignore him.


Wu hit a bloody nose, bitterly to give up.

But every time I see a small S, he complained about it before Coushang:


“Xiange I am the victim ah!”

Words hard to understand.

Obviously he lied to derail the feelings, how will the victims?

If he is the victim, Vicky that it?


Home wife?


Perhaps to Wu, the wife Zhang Weiwei, but is invisible to you.

Obedient sensible.

do not mind.


He drifters flowers, play happy.

Completely disregard the feelings of his wife.


Wu and Zhang Weiwei

Marriage, Wu also secretly left a way:

Only do weddings, not marriage license.

He told his wife, he is the artist,


Marriage will affect the business, can only steal touch hidden marriage.

Also he promised: “I will open after the success.”


For trust, Zhang Weiwei have agreed.


She quit her job to concentrate at home mothers.


Unfortunately, the trust inhuman.

This time Wu cynical, scandal everywhere.

There are no paparazzi dug out his secret?



More than once.

But he always denied indignation.

In 2000, the media reported Wu hidden marriage again.

At that time he had just catch up with Vicky.

Beauty in my arms, he hurriedly said: “I was single, not a rumor!”

Murder is regrettable.

Paparazzi photographed many times.

Big Brother neighbors could not stand, came out to testify.

Zhang Weiwei appeared in front of the house, but take real this “rumor.”


In desperation, he can only recognize Wu.

But he still brazen sophistry.

“I do not derailed.”

“I did not receive a marriage certificate, not married, it is not derailed.”


What is darn word?

Zhang Weiwei gave birth to four children, how can be considered de facto marriage, right? Said that aside it aside?

This is really slag home ah.


Under outrage, Wu reluctantly replacement marriage certificate.

Finally he gave his wife a birthright.

But he do this to win their hearts?


Soon, he was photographed with a woman acting Candy intimate.

Even more shocking is that the two men have been together for seven years, and living together.

We continue deep Pa.


Unexpectedly, there is a fourth woman –

Jacky Wu gold broker, Angela.


And Wu also entangled the years.

In other words, while Wu deal between his wife, Vicky, Candy, Angela.


4 foot boat.

Like the emperor turned the brand as “concubine.”

What a blessing of Qi!


But Wu, how will just be satisfied with four women do.

Opened his history Lieyan.


Character as much as the relationship between the chaos of the big, scale it.

Lee Hom, Yundi Li, Wu Yifan, Jackie …… add up to only strange enough.

Let rubbed his time lines.


After breaking up in 2000 with Vicky, Wu mouth shouting heartache, not much body to stop.

First and Kelly Lin rumored.


The two men posed for your wallet, ready to enjoy.

Then hooked on Annie Wu, exposes in the program, “she is one of its seven lover.”

Figure Source: Sohu Entertainment

Annie Wu and Wu


Then while dating Angela, one side and another “long-haired beauty” intimacy.


To hot springs and little beauty together.

Also sent away others, touch legs shoulder hug, wanton robbing.

In 2004, Wu broke up with Candy dispute,

Next a seamless spice.

Million flowers too.

Finally, Wu hit hard nails.

A fan Linda broke the news to the media, saying “Wu was used to throw”, “discarding.”

Wu course not recognize.

Backhand to sue her for defamation.

When the confrontation in court, Linda took out his phone talk show tapes.

Current evidence, Wu can only admit.


However, he should immediately launch his wife Zhang Weiwei, a wife Linda for prosecution.


What is the reason for it?

“Prejudice family.”

This is really ridiculous to slip.

You derailed a man, what stand accused of a third party?

We should not meditate, to apologize?

Even more ridiculous is that betrayed his wife, Tian Zhelian also let her stop for his gun, still a man?

Wu did not fully consider these.

This is not, after Linda thing completed, he excitedly hooked up with Japanese actress sai Yi Ling.

He told the people around:

“This is your future sister!”

Also let the audience staff called her “Mrs. Constitution.”

Figure Source: China News Network

Whether or not a joke, this is really excessive.


Although he forbade his family to see entertainment news, but the high-profile case, the wife may not know how.

It turns out that my heart is Zhang Weiwei mind.


She ran to a religion, often cried and prayed, “her husband to stay away from temptations, the couple concentric.”

Is ah, who generosity to allow her husband out openly steal?

Zhang Weiwei can not.

But just hunkered down, pray to God for help.

But Wu is not ungrateful.

He impatiently hate reporters: “! Do not ask me.” “She was praying for the paparazzi”!

He did not converge.

And private dating Jessica Song.

And later broke Shihai been accused of “toothpicks.”

Wu Yifan can be considered the predecessors.

Wu’s response also makes people hard to describe:

“You see I usually wear leggings know that I am not a toothpick friends.”



There is no sense of shame and guilt.

His sex scandal is still continuing.

Accompany the young babes find a restaurant.

Birthday party called two legs accompanied by beautiful women.

Drunk nature completely exposed, holding Miss tongue kiss hotel.

Also attempted to kiss artist Zhang Bi Fei, on her hands and feet.


Of course, play go play, think it is absolutely not allowed the emperor to abdicate.

“The new constitution Sao” Wu Cheng Xinhui followed for three years.

Her ambition more than others, asked him to divorce and want to host righting.

Wu altogether kicked open this big trouble.

Anyway, the beauty is so great, then why not a change?

He drove luxury cars, with different beautiful ride, back pocket directly after their own mansion.

Wu law-abiding if not down, every few days exposure peach scandal.

Taiwan paparazzi that there is a unwritten agreement:

Followed by Wu on the right.

For sure it could take material cross!

Also really successful people and not as other men.

Many people only get married and a man in love, feel everywhere at once.

But Wu mediate between a public lovers, but also for taking the time to appease his wife and children, did not delay the program to make money.

This is the top time management guru ah.


Luo came had to call him brother.

Time management is not only tough.

Wu people management is also useful.

While generous to the bag jewelry garage, on the other side flatter girls heart big move.

Birthright not to, to get the name back foot.


Per capita “favorite woman in this life.”

Could that be a tease say it just once?

More inflation than the confession of the phrase, is “constitutional Sao” identity.

His side are some fine people.

Well versed in how the wind blows.

Big Brother who fancy they booing “Mrs. new constitution.”

Wu fun.

He indulge in sensual pleasures, arms around all kinds of beauty debauchery.

Three wives four concubine harem like water.

I do not know what he thought of the old royal family.

As for the wife to see those rumors, and my heart what it would be, he did not care.

He even casually said: “At home, his wife just like my sister take care of me.”

Fist hard.

What a “sister.”

For him to bear and raise four children, families manage to resist the rumors, in the end just say “sister”?

Source: Sina Entertainment

Daughter, mother, “who may be accustomed to news of it.”

Listen to feel sad.


How will get used to it?

Pillow mind, the entire Grand View Garden. Only to their own money. Only money.

Later, Wu installed too lazy installed.

The latest term “constitution Sao” An yi love, often late at night and out of his mansion.

Daughter Sandy also host, guide and support to help Wu popular.


Someone asked her how to see.

She quickly replied: “bitches friends.”

Then immediately make fun of: “I mean, dog men and women.”


Daughter protests at most can only be the case.

She seemed very open: “Anyway, I did not marry her.”

After all, her career relies father, in any case will not turn hostile.

Wu once said:


“Although I am not a good husband, but I’m a good father.”


On the surface, that’s true.


Daughter and son Sandy Wu Rui Xuan into the entertainment business, his whole open.

But the resources to.

Education was very bad.

Wu playing outside it when, even the daughter of the hands and feet.


Verbal molested.

Kissing strong hold.


Brother, this is your daughter ah!

See masses discomfort, he would not care.

Even openly said: “The only thing I can fumble on stage is you.”

Three views are not really worried about her daughter being with crooked it?

Son’s education is also worrying.

Wu Rui Xuan Son inappropriate remarks published but had been indicted.

The day before yesterday because of drug arrests.

Wu Taekwondo “from the weight of the punishment,” the same evening sent bail.

Ability is bigger, but he care how long?

Although improper way, whatever the outcome, there is a bit Wu son and daughter the truth.


But his wife Zhang Weiwei, it is extremely fickle.

A few days ago, Wang accident, someone asked Wu to see how.

He did not hesitate:

“Results of a married man, who does not want a divorce ah?”

This is also how wronged on?

I can not understand.

Ungrateful that he is cheating on his wife what is wrong?

He’d have fun.

And Zhang Weiwei behind Tolerance 30 years.

To accompany him from nothing to fame, pull the child alone, for his reclusive, a little girl coming from yellow face.

In exchange for what?

Betrayed again and again, more and more deep disgust.

Wu then said, “Once I succeed in the position to open.”

He did more and more fire.

But she did not like to admit that they saw him making out with others in the newspaper.

For children, Zhang Weiwei put up.


She thought that buried like to do things right.


Many people do not know, in fact, Zhang Weiwei painting quite good.

In 2009, she organized a painting exhibition.

But Wu is very dissatisfied with her “spotlight.”


“I could rely on the visibility of it, we do not need you sell paintings at home and make money.”

He raised his eyebrows frivolous.

Between words, full of arrogance and combat.

His wife looked down at heart.

But I do not think his wife can have their own pursuit.

So Zhang Weiwei and indented shell marriage, continue to play a “cardinal” a good wife.

Six months later, she breast tumor progression, emergency hospital admission surgery.

Long-term suppression of the disease and the family atmosphere, whether a relationship?


Hard to say.

You may be able to boast of her. Stick behind decades.

But who asked, she really willing to endure it?

In 2013, Zhang Weiwei taking too much aid was sent.

Media speculation, perhaps because of the “new constitution Sao” Cheng Xinhui emperor to abdicate.

But things are now, Zhang Weiwei still will not say a bad husband.

We ask face, she just said gently:

“Nothing, I’m fine, very good.”

There are reports that she was too much pressure, perennial insomnia.

“Sleeping pills can sleep four hours, drink wine can sleep two hours.”

If she knew, and Wu spend, what will encounter later in life, will choose hidden marriage it?

Maybe it will not.

Today she paid all, or only one person alone, to face after half a lifetime of loneliness and sadness, no speech, unspeakable.

Vicky Chen and Wu

Vicky Chen and Wu