“Exquisite people, accessories are its addition points.


When I first saw a person, his back, the shoes, and even the belt of the waist were my observation object.

Trendy girls are always picky, can sweep at the bottom to see the taste of this person and sometimes the sense of smell. “

TV drama “thirty”

Recently, there is an overall of the thermos of hot search, and the “thirty” of Tong Yao, Jiang Shuying, Mao Xiaotong.

Female expressing the three high-reality representatives, the high-quality rich lady Gu Jia, the luxury gold medal Sales Wang Manni and the workplace convenient girl Zhong Xiaoxue.


The first malar circle party, cropped in the photo

The beginning of the story tells Gu Jia to carry CHANEL and the rich and a lot of people, because there is no Hermes bag, when they are cut, they are cut off, she has exhausted a lot of money, and she bought a love limit amount. Platinum bag.


The second wife is a position in the photo.

The second party, the wife took her brought the platinum package discussion, the trial back, she started to have a position in the next photo.

She took this package as a weapon, which opened the knocking brick in the new world gate.

Wang Manni and Liang Zhengxian’s first encounter

Another kind of Wang Man, who is very difficult to get the chance of the cruise, spend heavy gold, bought a pair of discount Roger Vivier high heels, and smashed the unmarried Liang Zhengxian.

We don’t agree with the price of yourself with yourself, in exchange for a business card that you don’t match, but these two scenes express a side of real life:


People will enhance their status and identity by using a bag, a pair of shoes, or even a small fitting.

For women, this is the same for men. Under all occasions, how can they choose to be wrong, win respect, they have to look at your wear.

Previously, we recommended the Emporio Armani’s series T-shirt “to wear a good-looking boys in T-shirt. How can this summer? “, I will recommend accessories today.


Whether you are

Business elites, streets, or leisure

…… A variety of different styles of men’s shoes and men’s bags are all-purpose single items.

Workplace elite

Briefcase + Lefu Shoes

In business communication, your dress is your second business card.


The package represents a person in the workplace, take a good bag to make you the fastest way to respect respect.


The highest-in-room exit is the highest in the post, and the suit suit is equipped with a briefcase and is the standard of men’s men.

Suitable for attending business negotiations or various activities, giving a mature and stable style.

The briefcase is often large, and various materials can be installed, as well as office computers.


The present briefcase is no longer a pre-square box of the square, which has a more soft shape line, which can express your identity, and can create a little man with a small man in creating a business gentleman.


Armani Messenger Briefcase


PVC leather material, light, and feel delicate.

The low-key design reflects stabilization, but it is not dull, every detail is very refined, there are zip pockets inner and outside, especially suitable for business men to accommodate important items.

Also equipped with detachable shoulder strap, simple atmosphere.


And in summer, I want to build a cool business man style, choose Lefu Shoes.

When attending the business, I went to Lefu Shoes.

Traditional leather shoes are too depressed, not fashionable enough, a low-key Loffu shoes can wear a fresh summer day.

A generous POLO or shirt, with a pair of Laofu shoes, modern fashion, comfortable and simple and simplified.

Emporio Armani

Leather casual shoes

A pedal design makes you feel easy to wear, not tired of it, it is easy to walk.

Smooth lines, select high-quality cowhide material is very durable.

The bevel has a beam design and brand logo, luxurious, and a gentleman’s charm.

Street tide

Shoulder Messenger bag + old shoes

Looking at the current fashion circles, hipster men wearing a finishing item is a shoulder of the bag, more and more wear bloggers like to use the Messenger bag to match the whole style.

The shoulder Messenger bag is moderate and can be installed, but the shape can be very changed, which is fully compliant with all the requirements for the bag for the bag.

Moreover, the Messenger bag can also do specially designed, whether it is retro, or a large logo, or a PVC material, casual wear, a bag, the whole person is still handsome.


Messenger bag

The large-area Monogram pattern is fashionable and eye-catching, the mortise is out of the street, the whole is simple and handsome, with a lot of points, such boys walk on the street.

And to say today’s most fashionable shoes, it is important to be old shoes. From a few years ago, he has been a favorite of all kinds of people.

Sports and casual shoes


This pair of “ugly ugly” shoes is characterized by great very cumbersome, design is more complicated, there are many levels of layers.

The color has three stitching designs of black and white gray, followed by an increase in the effect, and the black portion also has a breathable mesh.

Although it looks at “ugly”, the upper foot horses become very fashionable, and there is also a high effect.



Shoulder bag + small white shoes

Sports boys generally wear T-shirts and sweaters, giving people a simple, clean feeling.

Sprinkle, nothing, full of exercise, can be installed enough, shoulder bag is the most suitable.

It represents young and freedom, with aged effect, with a sweater or T-shirt, will be very type.

Shoulder bags as the most frequent mirrors in the boys’ wardrobe, in the gym, at the airport, and even in the office, it can often see its figure.


This backpack does not have too much decoration, only a simple relief logo as a embellishment.


There is a zipper design in the outside, which is convenient to accommodate.


It is also very suitable for traveling, super-installed large-capacity space, very suitable for short-distance travel, while maintaining high quality.

The shoulder bag can liberate both hands, easily concave and paste the simple and ravidity of the summer, so that you can be so simple.

How can a boy who love sports will have a pair of small white shoes, and many people are very popular today.

As a basic capital of each boult, it is very good, no matter what age, no matter what you wear, you can control it.


Emporio Armani fashion casual shoes

This small white shoe is casual, the fashionable sense, simple design, refreshing, with youth, comfortable.

The shoe is equipped with ambiguous small hole, and it will not be hot in the summer, and it is comfortable and refreshing.

The above recommended items come from the famous Italian brand


Emporio Armani (Anaprio Armani)


It is a sub-line brand designed by Giorgio Armani (George Armani).


In 1981, Emporio Armani was born, continued the style of the main line brand, tailoring, cloth and workmanship, and integrating into a young style, synchronizing with fashion, and leading the trend.


Mr. Giorgio Armani said: “Emporio Armani has more opportunities to pursue interesting, modern and free design, while still keeping my own style.


Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani


Emporio Armani