As the saying goes, “people rely on clothes, horses slow down the saddle”, many love beauty will be put into money in the costume, but high consumption is sometimes unable to participate in service.


On July 31, 2021, Second Sili Information (Second, Mi Li Jilin Province Help Hotline 13080025631) received Ms. Li, Li, Changchun, asked for help, saying that she bought a skirt and wearing a “white”, looking for merchants but get only A reply to dyeing, which makes it unacceptable.

Skirt bought in March


I wore it once in July.


Ms. Li introduced that she purchased a 1,400 yuan silk skirt in Mille brand counters in Changchun Totel, in March this year. At that time, the weather did not wear it immediately. I wore it once when she went to Shanghai in July, and I washed once, I found that the skirt has fallen. “The position of the armpit is particularly serious, and there is also a white place in front of the front.”

After returning to Changchun, Ms. Li found the customer service and Changchun Touri mall customer service to return, but the merchant did not agree to return and indicated that the clothes can be dyed, and Ms. Li can’t accept it. “So expensive skirt, I will be scrapped once, you give me a dyeing, I will wear it again.”

Merchant: Customer washing care method is incorrect

In the afternoon of Ms. Li, on the afternoon of August 1, the reporter contacted the Changchun Touri Mikir counters. The staff said that the customer did find the mall, but the purchase of the skirt has been in the past few months. And the store also suggested that the correct washing and nursing method of the silk fabric was suited, and this customer washing method had such a situation. The solution you can give in the company is to help her replenish the color, but this customer is not accepted. “We sold hundreds of skirts, there is no customer to say this.”

Subsequently, the reporter contacted the customer service staff of Changchun Sthile, the customer service staff said: On July 28, there is really a customer to the store, but because of her water is washed, the merchant believes that it is her personal reason, so I don’t agree to return, Give a complementary solution. “Our mall customer service mainly helps merchants and customers to coordinate, and the specific solution is still to see business.”


At present, Ms. Li indicates that the contact 12315 will carry out rights.

Subsequent, III information will continue to pay attention.


(China Business News reporter Liu Yuanyuan edited Wang Xiang)