2015-11-20 05:34:00 Author: Li Yang

As a special crowd, I became a long test user of this Philips acoustic wave. In May 2014, orthodontic treatment was initiated for many reasons. Comparison users, the orthodator causes many dead angles to make me a longer time to complete the teeth clean, clean your teeth more difficult. Perhaps because of the length of cleaning time, I became the “Terminal Terminator”, and the ordinary toothbrush usage period has faced unrecognizable in 2-3 weeks. Hold the mentality tried, I started trying to use Philips diamond bright white acoustic wave vibration toothbrush.

Sight asphyme

It has been used with a brand advertising word, but it has to be admitted that the Philips diamond bright sound wave vibrating toothbrush is the suffocation of beauty. As a flagship series, the HX93XX series (diamond bright white) sound wave vibration toothbrush is impeccable in the appearance, this author tries to the latest “charm” model, the fuselage is matte, the purple paint, match the flow line body , Have a good grip and anti-slip effect. Just as its name is as “charm”. Of course, you still don’t satisfy these, Philips also offers cherry pollen, cool black, brief white other three-color products for choice.

高颜值+实力派 飞利浦声波震动牙刷长测

Philips diamond bright white sound wave vibrating tooth brush challenge, sakura powder, cool black, simple white four-color optional

Philips diamond bright acoustic wave vibration toothbrush is designed with a single button, and the automatic loop function of five cleaning modes and shutdown functions is achieved while enjoying a fashionable appearance. The function button uses a circular microoven design, which can be well perceived in the use process, and the internal micro trigger switch brings comfortable to the premium.

Philips diamond bright white sound wave vibration toothbrush (this experience product)

Built-in lithium battery

高颜值+实力派 飞利浦声波震动牙刷长测

As a flagship series, diamond bright white sound wave vibration toothbrush, has the most abundant product accessories, the mouth cup and the charging base achieve seamless combination, daily use of the teeth brush only to put it in the mouthwashing cup to complete the charging, no need for any extra operate. For the convenience of the merchant customers, the product is equipped with a travel charging box, not only better protects the toothbrush from journey, but also through the USB cable to complete the toothbrush charge during the journey. Gadgets bring more careful care to users, and the toothbrush head is distributed to provide more convenience for everyday use and short-distance business trips.

Yigou (charging) cup and travel charging box

Remove the perfect cleaning effect to remove the stains of teeth

After the appearance, let’s talk about the cleaning effect. Unlike rotating electric toothbrushes, Philips diamond bright white toothbrush uses another cleaning method – sound wave vibration. According to official introduction, Philips diamond brightening acoustic wave vibration toothbrush provides 31,000 vibration per minute, and 5.5mm bristle swings produce strong cleaning and cleaning in the oral cavity. Products include Clean, White (White), Polish, Gum Care (Gum Care), Sensitive five brushing modes, specific features are as follows:

Five cleaning modes

高颜值+实力派 飞利浦声波震动牙刷长测

Cleaning mode: 2 minutes, the best plaque removal effect is also standard mode;

Bright white mode: 2 minutes and 30 seconds, combined with 2 minutes of cleaning mode, additional 30 seconds;

高颜值+实力派 飞利浦声波震动牙刷长测

Polishing mode: For 1 minute, fast 1 minute to the teeth polishing;

高颜值+实力派 飞利浦声波震动牙刷长测

Gum Health Mode: For 3 minutes, combined with a 2-minute cleaning mode, plus 1 minute to the temperature and massage of the gum;

高颜值+实力派 飞利浦声波震动牙刷长测

Sensitive mode: 2 minutes, for sensitive teeth and gums or teeth in sensitive periods.

高颜值+实力派 飞利浦声波震动牙刷长测

Wear correction, put a higher requirements for oral cleaning

Philips sound wave vibration toothbrush head shape is more close to ordinary manual toothbrush, during use, Philips vibration vibration toothbrush can be well cleaned to teeth, orthodontic gaps, residual stains remain on the edge of orthodontic patch Cleaning in targeted.

The overall cleaning effect is: Philips sound wave vibration toothbrush> Rotary toothbrush> ordinary toothbrush

Travel charging box

高颜值+实力派 飞利浦声波震动牙刷长测

Here, the use of sound wave vibration toothbrush and rotary toothbrush. The author has two years of experience in rotating electric toothbrush. The rotary toothbrush is more friction, and the initial use can feel obvious differences. Of course, with more than the stimulation of the gum, there will be a problem of gum bleeding. Philips sound waves vibrate toothbrush, and the stimulation of the gum is small, and some potential gums are avoided. As a user of two toothbrushes, I recommend choosing a Philips sound wave vibrating toothbrush.