False propaganda calls package, downshift blocked, cases have occurred induction marketing, etc., should be standardized

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False propaganda calls package, downshift blocked, cases have occurred induction marketing, etc., should be standardized

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Industry and Information Technology announced the “2021 first three quarters of the communications industry economic performance” shows that as of September this year, the total number of mobile phone users in my country has reached three basic telecommunications business 1.64 billion, a net increase of 41.85 million over the previous year . With the rapid development of mobile communication services, more and more transactions to achieve an online office, Pocket Office. However, to enjoy the convenience, but also encountered some consumers buy packages have been misled, for packages ado and other troubles.

Some “free flow” packages fall short, there is suspicion of fraud

In recent years, the rapid development of the mobile communications industry, network traffic has become an important indicator of the user to select the communication package. As a result, some operators have introduced “free flow of cards” and other services, claiming that users only pay ten dollars a month, you can “free flow” using a variety of mobile application. However, there are many readers found that the use of such packages, the monthly traffic costs not only did not decline, even “bottomed out faster.”

Reporter survey found that, in fact, such products in the promotional language and tariff rules exist “, then surgery trap.” To a “free flow of cards” as an example: it says the product posters, monthly as long as 19 yuan, balance of 100 mobile phones within the package program can be “free flow” to use the traffic outside the package according to one yuan 1G standard charges. However, then turn down the page, click on the “tariff details” four small words will find that the so-called “free flow” does not consume traffic, traffic is not free of cost, but to the balance of 100 mobile phone can use the program involved a certain number of “exclusive flow”, once the data usage limit is exceeded, will be charged to external data plan.

Not only that, there are posters on top of the other lines of small print: “More free flow of mobile application”, indicating the specific “free flow range.” It turned into the current range of free programs on the phone version also has some limitations. In some of the entries of broadcast software there are additional instructions: Watch live, play video traffic generated can be free, but users to upload pictures and video traffic generated, it is not within the exclusive flow range.

Obviously there is a strictly limited “exclusive flow”, but is called “free flow” in the ad, which is misleading for some users. One reader said in the letter, the beginning of June, he bought a “free flow of cards,” one month after the phone on arrears, “contact customer service after the original flow that I use is not directed within the range, thus creating a high cost. Since there are strict traffic-free conditions, the publicity should prompt the consumer in a prominent position. “

“A few years ago, some telecommunications companies to launch ‘unlimited flow of packages’, but the high-speed flow within the package is actually very limited, once used will significantly speed limit, very affecting experience. Now this ‘mobile application free flow’ routine, and almost the same before, there fabled problem, there is suspicion of consumer fraud. “Xi’an in Shaanxi readers Mengpeng Hui said.

Telephone marketing tend to “return customers” in the name recommend customers upgrade packages, additional costs for skate over did not even mention

Readers reflect daily life Gesanchawu telecommunications companies will receive a variety of marketing phone call. “One time I was the lunch break, the wake-up call, saying it was back old customers can upgrade package, I do not agree. A few days, has repeatedly called this number, there are still several times during the meeting, people cope with their owners. “readers Hebei Feng Ling said.

It is understood that this type of telemarketing calls tend to “return customers”, “special offer” in the name recommend customers upgrade packages, customer service focuses on lifting in terms of call duration and flow rate of the upgrade package, add costs to skate over He does not even mention. Handling process is also very convenient, as long as the customer verbally agreed, enter verification code and other steps, and soon will be able to handle success.

Qingdao City, Shandong readers Xue Bing graduated from college this year, the original campus course can not continue to use, produce a lot of traffic charges. At this time, the telecommunications company customer service call, recommended a package for her, “multi-flow, a discount.” “At first I refused, the other advantage of this package ever introduced, said that it was for my data usage specially recommended. I was put some heart, also agreed. Customer service over the phone to help me quickly go through the course upgrade. “Xue Bing said. Later, she website for details of the package, only to find that nearly 160 yuan package monthly fee. “And I found on the Internet a lot more for me costs more expensive package. If you are in the operating room, I will detailed comparison of the various details of the package, will not choose this package, but on the phone, customer service just to induce the main push consumers to buy their products, consumers simply have no other choice. “Xue Bing said.

In addition, there are some telemarketing calls in the name of “free gift” to induce users consume. Mr. Ma had received a phone call, “the staff said the company in order to repay the old user, complimentary flow 5 G’s. I think since it is a gift, so I agreed. Hang up the phone, but received a text message, saying the application plus the purchase flow package, and you need to pay 10 yuan. dumbfounding. “

There are telephone marketing is recommended to free an experience of new business, but it does not mean that after the experience will automatically renew, and other users find than a length when calls than usual, until I have “experience” has to “Order . “

Package upgrade easily replace hard but a downshift, the presence of phenomena such as man-made obstacles

“Consumer demand for long-time voice traffic and may change at any time. Therefore, it should ensure that consumers can according to their needs, flexibility to choose and change the package. But, in fact, want to change the package is not so easy.” Shanghai readers Wang Jun said last month, ” when you upgrade package, just want to make a phone can do, but says that in order to protect my interests, I need to go through to the operating room when you want to downshift. “

Some consumers are experiencing the situation “pass the buck” in: Customer Service, said handle packages need to downgrade to the operating room can be made to the operating room, the clerk said he did not authority, need to call customer service to find. In this regard, a business hall staff said: “The company in various parts of different business requirements, there are differences package handling methods downshift Some outlets belong to the charge d’affaires, and the authority of the Office of Direct different, does not apply for part of the package. “

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology “to further standardize the marketing behavior of telecom tariff notice” clearly provides that telecommunications operators should fully respect the user the right to choose. In this business the same local area network or service area business, telecom operators should ensure that users have a similar same trading conditions have the same right to choose to tariff schemes. In addition to the parties the contract provides otherwise, may not compel or restrain the user to select a tariff plan or change any sale in any form.

Henan Zhang willow readers believe that telecommunications companies develop package handling procedures involving the vital interests of consumers, the policy should be to achieve a stable, transparent content. “Not long ago, I went to the operating room for packages downshift, the staff began to say do not, no communication for a long time, and finally I said, if it is not to apply for number portability, the staff will consult me handled. If you do have limitations in terms of the replacement package, it shall disclose, in clear where, under what circumstances can handle, rather than obviously can operate, but man-made obstacles. “Zhang willow said.

Readers call for wind construction industry, respect for the consumer right to know the right choice

In recent years, information and communication industry and continued to carry out rectification work style construction industry, has made some progress. According to statistics, in the first three quarters of telecommunications users at all levels receiving complaints mechanism to receive complaints year on year, the chain has dropped. Some readers in the letter suggested that we should consolidate our achievements and make up a good short board, and further optimize the market environment, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

Effectively reduce the information asymmetry between telecommunications companies and users, many consumers expect. Earlier, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a notice to make a clear requirement for a system of notification telecommunications charges: telecom operators should further improve the system of notification of charges, charges do “list style” publicity, the place of business through manual or electronic displays, etc. and a set tariff area in Home eye-catching position in order to “inventory” all manner of publicity in the sale tariff scheme for the public market sales.

Reporters visited a number of telecommunications companies operating room, the charges are placed in a prominent position to facilitate the manual always accessible. The staff also said that the tariff situation are subject to change, the manual will be updated. In the telecommunications company’s official website, you can also access a variety of packages in the sale.

Some readers think, consciously urge telecom companies respect the consumer’s right to know, right to choose is very important. Mr. Gao has been engaged in mobile communication services in Fuzhou, said: “package plan is very complex set of telecommunications companies, consumers may not have the interest and energy to carefully study the rules, so the two sides there is a certain difference between the information in fact, recommend suitable for the consumer. the telecom package products, this is the responsibility of the clerk, the key is can it be done accountable to consumers. “Mr. Gao believes that the telecommunications companies, self-discipline, discipline are essential.

Some readers called for the relevant departments at the same time strengthen supervision and management, but also focus on the customer reminders and guidance. Last year, the Hunan Provincial Communications Administration was blocked on the package downshift problem had interviewed companies, asking them to immediately correct, and put forward specific rectification requirements. In this regard, Changsha readers Ms. Lee believes that relevant departments should timely summarized and published a number of typical cases, exposing common routine, showing the results of punishment, “which can alert the operator, can also remind consumers.”

Industry experts said that when the user in the process of receiving telecommunications services, if the disputes with telecom operators, may apply the relevant provisions “of telecommunications users complaints processing approach” to safeguard their rights and interests, to make a complaint to the telecom operators. Users of the processing results are not satisfied with telecommunications operators or telecommunications service operators did not reply within 15 days after receiving the complaint, the complainant may appeal to the accepting institution. Respondent does not have a province where the institution receiving the complaint, the complainant may appeal the complaint handling center to the Ministry of Information Industry and telecommunications users. (Reporter Shen Tong Rui)

Source: People’s Daily