The valuable bag is not necessarily suitable, and it will improve your temperament. It is the so-called thousands of miles often, and Bole is not often available.

We should have such a experience. At first, I was very excited to buy the bag and I found not to know how to back. If we don’t want to buy a bag, you will put it. Today, I will ask your shoulder bag and the Messenger bag. Do you know?

Travel or abparation, perhaps to go to work or a shopping, men or women have to choose a bag, then what is the difference between shoulder bags and Messenger bags, how to choose the package in different occasions? Here is the difference between Xiaobian me to give us a simple shack and the difference between the shoulder bag and the Messenger bag.


Shoulder Bags

Wang Wensheng is the package of unilateral shoulders

Women who like shoulder bags have reversed a quality seek. They consider problems more comprehensively and is rational, and is the rational person of co-ordination content and methods. Will not be rational, very idea. At the moment of choice, it often considers comparative week, careful. But the powerful gas field that is exuded, it is very capable of shocking people around.

Woman who likes a shoulder bag is wearing a general discovery, natural. I like “black and white ash” and can be cheerful and will not be obvious.

Despite the shoulder bag is one of the bags of women who love, there are still many men’s shoulder bags in the market. Of course, men shoulder bags are more business and leisure.

Most men shoulder bags are more types of leisure business.

Most ladies shoulder bags are the Korean version of the street leisure.

Messenger bag

Wang Wensheng is the bag of oblique, and it is no longer a patent that is no longer a woman.

Structural Planning: The structure plan of the Messenger bag is the most important, because it chooses the useful, useful, comfortable and many other aspects of use. The function of the package is not, the better, the overall plan should be simple and useful. Whether a package is comfortable is basically a planning structure of the carrying system, the carrying system is generally composed of straps, belts, and back pads, a comfortable package should have wider, strong and solidly scheduling straps, belts and back pads, The back pad is preferably a sweating ventilator. Materials contain two aspects of fabrics and components. The fabric should generally be wear resistant, tear, waterproof and other characteristics. The epidemic of Oxford nylon cloth, polyester staple canvas, leather and leather, etc. Components include waist buckles, all zippers, shoulder straps, and chest straps, envelopes and block fasteners, plug-in fasteners, etc., these buckle materials are generally metals and nylon, and should be carefully used when purchasing. Pick up.

Workmanship is the sewing process between the shoulder belt and the body, the fabric, the cover and the body, etc., to ensure that the necessary sutures, the needle should not be too large, too loose.

Shoulder bag and Messenger bag difference


The primary manifestation is in terms of distribution, I feel that if you do a relatively less than a little, you can allocate a bigger diagonal bag. If you wear the pre-guard point, you will be better to allocate your shoulder bag.

If we must understand the difference between the shoulder bag and the Messenger bag, I hope that Xiaobian’s suggestion can do a meager force for you.