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Hi, I am a dress is not in the owner’s makeup, you must make you more beautiful, just with your appreciation for me! ▼ ▼

After the blessing of the original love and Jiang Hongjie, the “cross-country husband and wife” rumored, recently collapsed, that is, the mainland actor called “good man” in Xiaoguang. On the 15th of this month, I was exposed to a beautiful woman sitting in the car. After the hammer, I still explained that I was only a neighbor relationship. I also called it later, it is a man’s mouth!

It is worth noting that her multinational wife autumn porcelain is a woman who has lived the “temptation” of the fire. I didn’t expect the plot to reproduce the trend of the dog.

Especially the joint names of the two today, even more can’t understand. In this regard, there are also many netizens say: Autumn porcelain is finally there another Li Xiang. But the words come back, this is always the private affairs of others, and it is good to eat melon.

It’s better to learn autumn porcelain.

One: Autumn porcelain bright color wear analysis

1: Solid color dressing more young

The large area uses solid color wearing, which produces a more clean and profitable visual effect. Autumn porcelain chose a piece of powder white dress, not only putting out her white skin, but also highlights her own temperament, it seems to be so young.

Knowledge points:


For women who like pink, I don’t dare to try pink, I will want to choose a powder like autumn porcelain.

Because the powder is good, it is good to weaken the brightness of the pink itself.


To avoid a lotus. at the same time,

You can also keep the pink original achievements.

This makes it more attractive to wear. Also, the powder is not easy to be dark as pink.

2: Good choice for the fabric more advanced

The fabric is also a critical step when picking the right clothes. Choosing a good fabric will make the overall texture of the clothes, also more advanced, and more highlight the design of the shape.

This whole uses satin fabric skirts, which appears to have a charm under the solid color. In addition, plus a relatively soft luster, thereby also attracting the original simple foundation.

Knowledge: In addition to picking the fabric itself, you need to pay more attention to the exhibition, which is like autumn porcelain, this dress, because this seems more comfortable and clean.

Moreover, especially for non-tight layers, this kind of fabric is more important.

3: Apply detail rich model

In the solid color wear, it is good at applying the details of the detail, and it is often wonderful to weaken the single-conditioned sense of the shape itself, so that the overall exquisite is improved.


Autumn porcelain is in this set of solid color, joins the design of the collar and cuffs, plus the bows of the waist, so that the seemingly monotonic shape can also have the tension of performance, it looks elegant and generous .

When we are with a dress, we can also add some wrinkled designs like autumn porcelain.

It not only enhances the level of skirt, but also can be visually good.


Two: How do you choose a comfortable dress in the summer?

Choosing a fabric of a piece of cloth is really important. Although some skirts look look good, it will greatly affect the experience of wearing travel due to the non-breathable or thickness of the fabric. In this way, it is better to pick up your favorite skirt with me from the three comfortable fabrics below.


1: Cotton and linen dress


The cotton and linen dress is in the summer, it is a good choice. Because it itself is light and cool, not only can you bring a comfortable experience, but also let you show a good atmosphere.

The solid colored cotton linen dress is more simple than printed design. The cotton linen dress embellished with a print is added, it will become more attractive. In addition, with a pair of flat shoes. For mature women, a good age-age effect can be produced and the charm of their own.


2: Xiangyun yarn dress

If you want to say a breathable, it is also a dress of the fragrant fabric. And for the female women who are too fat, the slim version will not make you look tight and breathable, with retro feelings, and you can also improve your temperament.

And the color is preferably a deep color, and it is more suitable to match a pair of high heels to show mature women.


3: Chiffon dress

The chiffon dress has become one of the most suitable wear items in the summer. Usually, selecting a light-coloring will be more young, and the darkness is more elegant. At the same time, you can also add the design of the waist, which can optimize your body proportion by lifting the waistline, thus giving a significant significance in visually.



In autumn porcelain, I really can’t see the traces of the years. Perhaps we can see some clues from her wear, because her own temperament is also inseparable from being separated. At the same time, let us realize the importance of matching, and choose a comfortable fabric is also essential.

I am a small makeup, and I will update the dressing skills of different body every day. Here, you can not only learn from all kinds of clothes, but also help you have more deeper cognitions.

“Clothing is not in expensive” is a sequential class, helping the problem user resolves the choice of difficulties, and provides the account of the solution. Create its original intention because I believe that it is a kind of belief, and through methodology to treat various selection difficulties is a process of learning each other.

If you don’t confident your own body, or want to know how to dress up different styles, welcome to my private letter or leave a message below, I will regularly summarize and give solvement, I hope we have been shaped on the road to become a shaped.

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