Today, cotton products are everywhere in our lives, from cleaning care to the close-fitting clothing, and then go home textile products. The application of cotton products is very wide and has become an indispensable part of our lives. In addition, cotton has a redundant effect on environmental pollution, which can be recycled, so it is very popular. However, there are currently related products in the market, fish dragons, cotton products, production process, quality safety, etc., the problem of consumers. Recently, Xinhuanet leads to everyone into the cotton era factory, further introducing the entire process of production of cotton products, so that more people discover its mystery.

Featured high quality cotton, create pure from the source


A good product, inseparable from high quality raw materials, cotton products are the same. In my country’s cotton industry standards, cotton can be divided into one to seven-level, and most of the cotton era products are first, secondary cotton, from the highest level, secondary cotton. The source begins, and the high quality standard for the product is a good foundation. Also, as a subsidiary of the stable medical, the cotton era is purchased from raw materials to production, quality inspection, and all the high standards of stable medical care, and the rigorous attitude and responsibility, from the source to create pure, rigorous High standards are products.

Use the independent research and development process to play cotton to the ultimate


In addition to the selection of high quality cotton, cotton products in addition to high quality cotton. The cotton products in the cotton era are self-developed cotton water thorn non-woven processes. The main principle is to use high-pressure fine water flow to be injected on one or more layers of fibers, so that the fibers are entangled, naturally knotted. Finally become a non-woven fabric. This process is extremely limited to keep the length and toughness of cotton fibers are not damaged, so the flexibility produced is better, more comfortable, and can improve production efficiency, reduce pollution and carbon emissions, and save energy consumption, artificial And equipment.

For all, all cotton era should adhere to cotton as the core raw materials, continuously introducing new new products in product research and development, bringing better product experience, and all cotton era hopes to continue to provide comfort, peace of mind And happy life, and put a social responsibility, contributing to protecting a beautiful earth home.