“Hua Lan,” The second season is officially launched, although the true murdered case has not been exposed, but the second quarter story has also brought many new clues and branch, and the last episode is throwing a major clue regarding the identity of the murderer. , Constantly set off a wave of “guess” discussion! Xiaobian tailored today, “Hua Lana’s first” third season 7 points + volts, who is the female voice in Jiang Yu’s wrong tape? What is the key to the “baby” testim of Wu Yin played? Will the murderer will be reversed in the third quarter?


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“Hua Lanki” Season 3: Who is the sound of the sound tape?


In the first episode of the “Hua Lan” second season, Jiang Hao was brought to the police station, because the belonging to the goods in the interrogation outdoor, when I came out, I took the wrong recorder, and this recorder was suspected to record the greatness of the true fierce. clue! When Jiang Hao found himself, it was also broadcast a female voice and said, “What should I don’t deliberately, is she dead?” The recording, the explanation is not only one person, but the source It is very likely that it is true!


After that, Jiang Ya opened the drama social props to the breeding of the school, ready to go to Luo Yuzhen, and he was hit by the car who came to work. Through the eye close-up of the driver’s seat, it can be seen that “Ada” played by Zhang Guangchen is actually played by Zhang Chenchen. It is very likely to be him!

Seeing the impact end of the second quarter, many netizens guess the sound of the female voice is a flower. It may be a flower lost to kill Su Mu. Ada like the flowers decided to help hide the truth, but some netizens feel that the murderer may be in the third season. There will be reversed, and Jiang Yan is born to be dead, it is waiting to be announced!


“Hua Lana first” third season to see 2: Baby card enclosure?

Speaking of the most amazing role in the second quarter, it is definitely the “baby” played by Wu Yin! The baby has a deep impression on many audiences, and the baby in the second season also provides testimony related to cases, typhoon day night, baby is decorated in the supervision of the supervisor “Sugar” hotel, witnessing a man wearing brown windbreaker into “Light”, there will be a girl in a girl.


In the second quarter, I will reveal the brown windbreaker man is Jiang Hao, and the woman who will enter “light” will open in the third quarter. Is this woman associated with the murder?

“Hua La’s initial” third season is 3: Why do Su Qingyi want to put a drug to Luo Yuzhen?

In addition to identifying the truth of the murder, “Light” hotel also has drug incidents! In the first quarter, Su Qingyi discovered that Lily private drug transactions, and also hidden the drugs, and the second season, Suqing Yiyi put the drug in the suitcase, and in the exploration of Ma Tianhua, please report “Luo Yuzhen afterwards” Drug trafficking, many netizens saw this, doubt that Suqing Yi wants to put a drug to a good sister Luo Yuzhen, is it because I want to retaliate, or another hidden love?

Ma Tianhua is also in the second quarter, saying that Su Qingyi is his own savior, and she has always regarded her as a relative sister. In the third quarter, I will show you how to save Su Qingyi former Saving Ma Tianhua. Ma Tianhua talked about Luo Yu dangerous drug trafficking, and it was suspected to be used by Su Qingyi. Many audiences were very curious about Su Qingyi, and they were in the third quarter.

“Hua Lana is at the beginning” Season 3 points 4: Does the Son Virtue World will expose?

In the second quarter, Luo Yuzhen and Su Qingyi’s years of age, and unveiled that Zi Wei is not a son of Luo Yuzhen with Wu Shaoqiang, but the child “Zhu Bo Bo” sexual assault is pregnant when Su Qingyi is young when you are young. After the mother of Su Qingyi, after discovering this, he also told Zhu Bobo to the truth, and buried a volk that might expose.


“Hua Lanjun” third season 5: Pan Wencheng & Luo Yuzhen

In the second quarter of “Hua Lan”, the interaction between Pan Wencheng and Luo Yuzhen is also very intriguing, not only moved to Yuzhen house, but also has a conflict in Yuzhen and 桧 桧, more prior prior priority Her family’s white powder, protect Yuzhen is not to be detained, many details have shown Pan Wencheng like Luo Yuzhen, the third quarter does not know if there is a chance to develop the emotional line?

“Hua Lana first” third season points 6: Ge check real identity

There is also a “Ge Record Officer” who has played by Xiu Jie. The Ge’s surface seems to be full of righteousness, kind, and did not expect the second quarter but uncovered his private black and white, and Ge Test was a partner behind Henry’s drug transactions. In the second quarter, I also had Ge Que to Pan Wencheng, directly open the search ticket to collect the bridge segment of Yu Yujia, what is the purpose of Ge Test? Will it be associated with a murder?


“Hua Lange” third season 7: Luo Yuzhen discovered drugs in the lily bag


In the second quarter of “Hua Lan”, Luo Yuzhen invited “Guang” Hotel to eat hot pot, on the one hand, in order to replace the Qiaoyan, on the one hand, to leave the lily, while everyone is eating, Luo Yu returned to the room Snoving the lily bags, and found the drugs in the bag! Luo Yuzhen finally found that the hotel hidden drug events, how do she deal with?

On the second quarter of the “Hua Lan Lantern” on the line, many clues and new borders were also thrown, and the end of the suspense was left. I hope that the third quarter can come soon, I have finished all unsolved packs!