The New Year is approaching, a free custom postcard table has a popular circle. This is a convenient business that Changzhou Post is developing for personalized custom demand. The public can customize a set of books that are self-cleaned by the WeChat platform.

Compared with traditional desk calendars, use family members photos, personal photo to do personalized desk calendar, which is more favored. Most of the calendar is a young person, and the new generation of parents is the main force. Ms. Xie has customized to the daughter, and the family, unit, and parents must put a copy. She said: “I chose some baby’s life photo. Every time I changed the way a growth process, I can put it into the album for a year, so the desk calendar is too practical.”

Changzhou Evening News report learned from the postal department that Changzhou Post has received a customized nearly 1000 sheets since the launch of a personalized desk calendar at the end of November. Among them, some is customized to children, some are newlyweds to customize their relatives and relatives, as well as citizens to make pet calendars, tour desk calendar, family blessings, party calendar, etc.

What is the price of custom desk calendar? The reporter learned from Changzhou Post: Customized a desk can only take 20 yuan, and the public will provide a personalized desk calendar consisting of postcards and acrylic L-type crystal brackets after a week. The desk calendar can not only record the light, but also pick up the postcard, and the price is appropriate, and many citizens must customize more. At the end of the year, Miss Nie Miss Nie in the wedding has a creative, and the wedding should be made into a calendar. Not only can they be placed at home, but also give friends and relatives, let everyone witness happiness. “We plan to use a wedding photo as a calendar pattern, and send the postal card in the day of marriage, and record this moment with postmarks, becoming exclusive private.”

“As long as you can access the Internet, you can customize the desk calendar, which is very simple.” According to Changzhou Post staff, the public can directly log in to Taobao through mobile phones or computers, enter the store name “品 轩” to submit electronic photo customization, you can also search for WeChat public account. “Shim State”, through the WeChat public platform, filled out the personal name, mobile phone, and micro-signal, the public can directly call 68882425 to customize the appointment. After the desk calendar is created, the daughter will deliver the door according to the address reserved by the public. (Xin Wen)