Now, online channels have become an important channel that can not be ignored by toys. According to EcDataway data, January 2020, where the toy / baby carriage / puzzle / block / model side heavy Taobao is 68.7%, with the maximum sales of up to 5.23 billion yuan, Tmall accounts for 21.6%, followed by Jingdong.



Line Shanghai foreign brand toy origin presents head phenomenon

According to ECDATAWAY data in January 2020,

From the rankings of production sites, the line Shanghai foreign brand toy produce a head phenomenon, about 17.9% of the head origin contributed about 86.2% of overseas brand sales.

Among them, the top five of the sales of overseas brand producers is the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea and France. The United States is ranked first in sales of 12.27 million and twice the second Japanese origin. The reason is analyzed, and the familiar toy brand Mei Tai, the baby is from the United States, the two giants have a large brand; the Japanese brand includes more beautiful, the Nangong dream, etc.

From the rankings of origin sales, the top five are Denmark, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Canada. Line Shanghai’s external brand toy origin is headed, about 10.7% of head produce contributes about 82.7% of overseas brand sales. Among them, Denmark is in the top of sales of 2.4 billion yuan, far leading to other overseas brands.

Japanese brand origin ranked second in 110 million yuan. Lift Denmark’s toys, we have to think of the high gold medal. It is worth noting that in 2019, according to the global value brand list released by Brand Finance, Danish Lego still has a lot of luxury, with a top value of 6.757 billion US dollars, and leading other brands.

Since the time of the toy market has a low concentration, foreign brands should expand the domestic market, and the online is still one of the important pioneering channels. According to ECDATAWAY data, it is the highest in January 2020, and the Lego / Lego share is up to 12.4%. The price is higher than the top 10 brand average price of 113.5 yuan.

It is worth noting that in YTD JAN20 According to Tmall platform, Lego / Lego, Sunny Baby / Sunlight Baby, Babycare, card game brand quantity price is rising, and hook hands, Nukied / New Niki, 咔噜 brand The price increase, KUB / can rise than the brand price. In addition, Auldey / Audi double diamond, Disney / Disney brand market atrophy. Among them, the Audi double diamond declined, the reason is related to the company’s strategic active adjustment of the toy business.

Today, young parents spend less time in the toy store, and the trend of online shopping has a direct impact on them to buy toys. As the main population of the maternal and child consumption group, they are generally high, and their personalities are highlighted. In the course of childcare, they are more personalized, and what kind of tendency to choose to choose the toy choice?



Entertaining, STEM toys, new pets

According to the survey of the Hong Kong TDT, from 2014 to 2018, the cost of the Chinese home in mainland China is significantly increased annually, from 1069 yuan to 2596 yuan, an increase of 143%. One of the important reasons why this cost increase is the rapid development of STEM toys. This type of toy focuses on education, and it can bring new experiences to children while entertaining.

What is the data on the STEM toy line?

According to ECDATAWAY data: sales increased by 118.4% year-on-year in June 2019, and the growth trend is obvious. On the hot sale, the most popular brand in Tmall is Ravensburger, sales of 187,000 sales, price of 70 ~ 450 yuan, accounting for 41.2%, increased by 41.2%; secondly for MAGFX (US MAGFX magnetic sheet building block), accounting for 15.8 %; HAPE is 10.3; the most popular brand in Jingdong platform is HW / 蘅 蘅, priced at 16-200 yuan, its sales reached 26,000, accounting for 24.1%, an increase of 24.1%. Secondly, the wiskin accounts for 21.5%, with sales of 24,000.


The parents of the millennial generation are the result of driving, they don’t just want their children to entertain and do things, but also to make them more abundant in the body, spirit and social intersection. From the perspective of sales, STEM toy channels are also dominated by Tmall, in which parents are still willing to pay for such products in STEM toys. Even if they sell. Previously, data shows that 98% of parents are willing to buy STEM toys, and the average price of acceptable is 414 yuan, which is much higher than the 199 yuan of ordinary toys. From the perspective of the user, parents use this toy to cultivate children’s interest in science, workshops, and hands-on ability.


Disassemble the building block toy while being loved by boy and girl

YTD JAN20, the most popular in the classification attribute of toys is to disassemble the toy properties, accounting for 26.1%, an increase of 4.8%, with sales of 1.39 billion yuan. Among them, in the building blocks, according to Ecdataway data, January 2020, Tmall is the top 10 of Tmall is the sickness, boy, Lego, Mu Duo, Le Zhi, Mr. Toy, Jocular, Jocular, Little Wheel, Xiong Baibao, Hape. From the brand, spelling the building block brand concentration is high, affected by domestic brands, and the top 10 of domestic brands account for 70%. Among them, the squash is 14.5%, an increase of 14.5%, and the price is 30 ~ 500 yuan, and its sales reached 299,000. The boy is 13.6%, the sales reached 27.9; the Lego is 6.8%, the sales of 139,000 yuan.

For children, building blocks, snowflakes can spell simple, plasticity, and stereo construction, can make children understand the relationship between points, line, and face, think about how to make a variety of shapes, fully stimulate children Their imagination and creativity. At the same time, there is a survey showing the difference between boy and girl choosing to buy toys, with boys prefer to buy technology products, girls prefer to buy dolls toys. But the building blocks and DIY toys are boy and girls love toy categories.