Beijing Time January 22, January 22, 16:00, Jiu Mu Wang joined hands in front of the Nouchi (Louis Gabriel Nuqi), will be held in Paris Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, held in Paris, Paris. Show, put the Chinese millennium pants, move on the international stage, and will be broadcast through the brand official Weibo, shake, and WeChat video number.

Retracence with the former Jennia designer, Jiu Mu Wang men’s pants Exhibition Tang Yunguo

The world’s sales leading men’s trousers 1 Jiu Mu Wang learned inspiration from Sheng Tang culture, and built Jiu Mu Wang 2022 Paris Fashion Week series with the theme of “Shengshi Zhonghua”. The show is in the heart of the trousers, and the historical representative of the Tang Dynasty, the four core elements of the Tang Dynasty, Tang Singer, and Xiao Black “绔” are integrated into the design, artistic and modern fashion interpretation of China’s classic patterns. Inheritance and innovation of traditional culture, it is more possible for modern men’s trousers art aesthetics.

Previously, Jiu Mu Wang was in the first pants show in the first pants show that the Jiu Mu Wang Bai Yinxue, the first pants show that the “marine Silk Road” intersession of China and Western cultures will be used in the first pants show that the Chinese and Western cultural intersection of China and Western cultures is in ancient times. The classic elements on the marine Silk Road open China’s gate to the international output of men’s trousers. Once again, Nouchi, Jiu Mu Wang will bring the thinking of cultural inheritance into the Tang Fengxiang show, bringing the Sheng Tang culture to the international stage, let the world experience the fashion charm of Tang Yun Guo, and feel the deep historical and cultural heritage of China.

I believe this Jiu Mu Wang Paris fashion Zhou Tang Fengxiang show will be stunned again!


Jiu Mu Wang 33 years focus on men’s trousers, the craftsmanship process will go to Paris Fashion Week

33 years focus on the field of men’s trousers, Jiu Mu Wang adheres to the intensive trade, and is committed to building the “best pants”, and again harvest the most influential French Paris Fashion Week in the International Four France of France. Foot see Jiu Mu Wang’s continuous exploration in the fashionable field, the unremitting strength of the consist of consolidation, and the exquisite skills in the men’s trousers industry.


It is also the quality spirit of Jiu Mu Wang’s quality and excellence in product quality, so that it receives the favorite and support of male users, and builds a total of billion sales of men’s trousers. 2, one can be sold every 7 seconds. Industry achievements. In order to ensure the quality output of stable quality, Jiu Muwang slashed the product in all rounds from the fabric, version, process.

In terms of fabrics, Jiu Mu King works with five famous fabrics from Italy, Germany, and Japan, with the same fabric supply channels as international first-line luxury brands. At the same time, Jiu Mu Wang also attaches great importance to the innovation of trousers, and has a high-tech fabric such as constant temperature, high-elastballs, and lay a solid foundation for product texture and excellent performance.

On the version, Jiu Mu Wang is participating in the Chinese men’s trousers standard. It has a practical new patent in the field of pants. It has accumulated 12 million human data 6. The six major pushes of hatching is more brought into ergonomics. The dress of men’s trousers is comfortable and the moral effect.

In terms of the process, Jiu Mu Wang insisted on 23,000 needle sewing, 108 steps, 30-seat ironing 7, 24 artificial inspections, and strive to make consumers feel the texture of the consumers. “The best pants” in the minds of consumers.

Jiu Mu Wang’s excellence in men’s trousers, not only let the brand become the “male trousers expert” recognized by the industry, but also promoted the industry standards in the men’s trousers, and the national standards continue to improve.

Jiu Mu Wang star “small black pants” fashion evolution

In the Paris Fashion Zhou Xiu, Jiu Mu Wang combined with the wide-Tang Dynasty’s led wide trousers, design the special edition of the ancient garment wisdom and aesthetics, is the small black pants of Jiu Mu Wang and ancient “绔” perfect combination.

Small black pants were born in Jiu Mu Wang’s precision insight against consumer demand. It is the collection of Jiu Mu Wang fabrics, version, design, and crafts. As the Jiu Mu Wang star single product, the stretching of small black pants is 4 times higher than that of ordinary fabrics, which gives its forms, stable trousers, good wrap, comfortable, soft, soft and improved, let men business The bouting is too tight pain points, and the top pants of pants meets the needs of various occasions, and there is currently more than 1 million.

The Tang Fengxiang show, Jiu Mu Wang continued the fashion exploration of small black pants. Under the cultivation of Tang culture, the small black “绔” of the national style full and fashionable personality, reflecting Jiu Mu Wang Xiaoji pants to a plurality of style easily .

Relying on multi-year professional skills, brand advantages and Chinese traditional culture, Jiu Mu Wang once again representing the national brand to go out of the national door to go to the Paris Fashion Week, and the leading men’s trousers industry will continue to break through and innovate, release brand power to show China National culture I look forward to the wonderful interpretation of Jiu Mu Wang 2022 Paris Fashion Zhou Tang Feng Pants Show.

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