With the development of technology, we have more and more electronic devices we used every day, resulting in more and more charging lines.


Every time you go out, the most headache thing is to prepare a pile of charge lines, charge the head. It is really a collapse. And some data cables are rough, and the outer casing is fragile. It is dirty in a few days, and it will break the loss to consume.

I believe that many people are thinking, can charging this matter? Yes! The Rollingsquare team consisting of Swiss designers and engineers designed a 6-in-1 data cable, one can solve the charging / data transmission problem of most electronic devices, so that you will bid farewell to a messy data cable and Charging head, take the door with this 1 line!

This named Incharge6 data cable is designed to be a keychain size, a collection of 5 charging connections, with 6 kinds of charging methods. Support Apple, Android, Microsoft system, which combines durable, fashionable, portable, and one line can perfectly meet the daily multi-charging / transmission data needs.

The input port has USB, TYPE-C, and the output ports are type-c, lightning, mirco-usb, and the main electronic products are almost completely covered. At present, in Jingdong, surprise to the hand price of 99 yuan, hurry to charge your charging “reduce the burden”!