Download an app, pay the deposit and the membership fee, you can enjoy unlimited dress rental, you can also ship, package.

Since 2015, there are a number of rental applications with “shared clothing” banner, and there is a “more than one sleep dream” with 500,000 registered users.

However, at the end of November this year, the application suddenly terminated the service. Many users reflected that they could not renew and membership fees, more customer service, “company capital is not worthy of debt, and is applying for bankruptcy.”

The reporter survey found that “Duo Yi Dream” operation company is located in Chengdu High-New West District, the company’s business registration, and a logo production plant; located in a office of Chengdu Red Card Building, it also moved this year.

Economic experts said that clothes are too personal, not suitable for sharing, while reminding companies to fully estimate risk capability when they are involved in sharing economic sectors.

User experience

Want to return the membership fee for 4 old clothes

In September 2015, Miss Wang, who lived in Chengdu, was recommended to “Dai Yu Dream” app obtained by friends. After paying 299 yuan deposit, she first recharged nearly 600 yuan to buy three months of members.

“Although the clothes style is not much, it is very cost-effective.” So when the platform launched a member discount of “buy a year and a half”, she immediately recharged 2688 yuan to purchase. However, the following experience has made her more disappointment. “The quality of the clothes is deteriorated, the express delivery is slow.”

On September 12 this year, Miss Wang received a platform notice due to the influence of relevant inspections, “will be suspended from 14 days”. After that, she received all the clothes of the notice platform, the balance of the membership fee and deposit could not be refunded in cash, and only the clothes were deducted. According to the platform, she can deduct more than 5,000 dollars.

“I bought four pieces first, all of the old clothes, there are two pieces can’t wear, and I can’t retreat.” Now, Miss Wang also has 5152.8 yuan of clothes no deductible. But from October, the customer service is no longer responding. In November, the app was completely collapsed and could not be used.

On the afternoon of the 19th, the reporter found in the “Dai Yi Meng Consumers’ Rights”, and more than 90 people were similar to Ms. Wang. Their losses are not equal to the 299 yuan deposit to 2688 yuan.

There is a user’s chat history with the customer service, and the other party said “money is not, you don’t change, then goodbye”, it also said that “the company is seriously not worthy of debt, and is applying for bankruptcy.”

Reporter investigation

Industrial and commercial registration is nothing this company another office has been moved from the beginning of the year.

On the afternoon of the 19th, the reporter searched for “Dai Yi Dream” in Apple App Store, did not find the application; Android Mall has the application, but after downloading, “network abnormal” cannot be logged in.

成都一共享服装平台停止服务 用户退款难:要钱没有,衣服来抵

Subsequently, the reporter dial “Dai Yi Dream” customer service, voice prompt “Sorry, no this business number”. The reporter also found that the platform official WeChat public account last update was on August 17th, the last update of official Weibo was on September 2, and the official smashed the comment function.

At 5 o’clock in the afternoon, the reporter “Dai Yi Dream” users cannot renew the issue of the founder Liang Liang, the other party, “WeChat customer service can refund, do not believe you try”. But Miss Liu, I have applied for a refund in WeChat blessings on December 5th, and has not received a reply.

The reporter also went to the reason why the software was unable to log in normally. He did notach the phone directly. Subsequently, the reporter sent a text message to the company’s bankrupt, and did not receive a reply as of the press.

Through the national corporate credit information network, “Dai Yi Dream” operation enterprises Chengdu must Cool Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “necessary cool technology”), “The company is included in the business department to operate an exception list”.

On the morning of the 20th, the reporter came to Chengdu Boutu Cool Technology Co., Ltd. located in the industrial and commercial registered address of No. 1599, West District, and found that this place is not a cool technology, but a manufacturing plant named “running logo”. The guard told reporters that “running the current logo” has been opened for many years.

Subsequently, the reporter came to the Guo Technology located in the 16th floor of the Red Card Building Longyi Road. Although there is a “multi-dress dream” app, the door is unlocking, no one office. The building property said that this company has long been moving out of this year.

Lawyer said

The suspect that does not rule out the company’s sharing economy deception or fraud

成都一共享服装平台停止服务 用户退款难:要钱没有,衣服来抵

Cover Journalists learned that “Dai Yi Dream” and shared bicycle take a deposit method, and comes with a member. After the user downloads the software, it is necessary to pay 299 yuan a month, and the membership fee will be charged on the month, you can choose 3 pieces of clothes each time, and there is no limit in time. If the user has rented, if you want to send it back to the business, there will be a free delivery to pick up the delivery. After the recovery, “Dai Yi Dream” will be handed over to the laundry factory to clean and rest again.

In May of this year, the founder of “Dai Yu Dream”, Liang Liang, has been disclosed in an interview with the media, and the software payment users have 70,000, and the registered users have 500,000 people. With each person paying a deposit of 299 yuan, only 150 million yuan is only 150 million yuan.

成都一共享服装平台停止服务 用户退款难:要钱没有,衣服来抵

In response to the problem that users who cannot refund, Sichuan Tiango Law Firm, listed that the possibility of deceiving or fraud, not to rule out the company’s lifetime, “but is suspected of fraud Crime is still not judged. “

He suggested that consumers complain to the Consumers Association or apply for public welfare lawsuit to the Consumers Association, and the Consumer Association will file a lawsuit to the people’s court. For ordinary users, there is also a need to enhance risk awareness, pay attention to institutional scale and legal registration.

expert’s point

Clothes are not suitable for sharing companies must have risk preparations

“Clothes and sharing economic grafting is a bit of course.” The professor of the University of Science and Technology, Xihua said. He believes that the costume is too personal, whether it is from culture, health and personal heart, will make people exclude, not suitable for sharing with others.

He said that the shared economy is indeed a good economic form, which can reduce the pressure of space and resources, but the company will never be very urgent in the field of sharing economic sectors.

“Many people think about having a good idea, launch a platform, thousands of people flourishing, business is big.” Yu Song reminded that the more business, the greater the risk and pressure, the capital flow, information The pressure of the stream, consumers’ uncertain factors may instantly destroy a platform. This requires companies to foresee risks in advance before they are involved in the shared economic sector, and make plans and preparation in advance.

Cover news reporter Cao Fei photography report