By orange love to eat spicy


Shrimp 1 catties

1 spoonful of bean paste


1 tabletoon

Plant oil


Garlic 1

Ginger 1 small piece

Dry pepper


1 spoon of butter hot pot bottom




Cucumber 1

Practice steps

1, the shrimp buy, thawed, open to the shrimp line


2, add some cooking wine, starch wrap

3, the oil temperature is 60% heat, (I don’t know if you can try it with chopsticks) to put shrimp, remove it after two minutes.

4, cut a point you like to eat with food (my potato, cucumber)


5, take advantage of the oil pan, take the potato a little oil

6, the pot boil is put into onion, ginger, garlic, dried chili, a spoonful of bean sauce, a small piece of hot pot substrate, stir fry, put a little cooking wine, then pour a cucumber, potato, fried shrimp , Stir fry evenly a small spoonful of soy sauce, a little white sugar fresh, taste the taste (because the sauce sauce and the hot pot bottom material are salty, so I basically no longer put salt)

7, finally the pot is put on white sesame seeds


Conditional can use live shrimp, more delicate meat


The nutritional effect of shrimp

1. Enhance human immunity

The nutritional value of shrimp is extremely high, enhances the human body’s immunity and sexual function, supplementing kidney and aphrodisiac, anti-premature failure, can heal kidney deficiency, cold, tiredness, waist and lower soreness.

2. Take the milk

If women have less milk, there is less milk, and 500 grams of fresh shrimp, fresh shrimp hot clothes, 3 times a day, and even serve in a few days.

3. Relieve neurasthenia


Shrimp skin has a sedative effect, commonly used to treat neurasthenia, plant neurological disorders. Sea shrimp is a delicious food that can provide nutrients for the brain. Sea shrimps contain three important fatty acids, which can keep people a concentrated concentration.

4. Conduct to recover after illness

Shrimp nutrition is rich, and its meat is soft, easy to digest, and people who are weak and needed after the disease is extremely good.

5. Preventing arteriosclerosis

Shrimun is rich in magnesium, magnesium has important regulatory effects, which can protect the cardiovascular system, which reduces the cholesterol content in the blood, prevents arteriosclerosis, and can also expand the coronary artery, which is conducive to prevent high blood pressure And myocardial infarction.

6. Eliminate “time difference”

Scientists from Osaka University, Japan recently found that shrimp in the shrimp body helps to eliminate “time difference” due to time difference reaction.

It has a skill. I have a small trick to each dish. You can search for “Bean Fruit” can directly view my recipes!


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