The reform and opening up of the “Rubber Industry 70 Years” has opened the prelude to modernization

In 1915, the first national rubber factory in China, Guangdong Brother Tree Plastic Creative Company, was born in Guangzhou. China’s rubber industry has been more than a century.

In the old China, the national rubber industry was in the seams of war and foreign capital in the year.



In New China, the rubber industry has obtained a new life, and a complete industrial system has been built during the planned economy period; reform and opening up can achieve technological progress, product renewal, and super routine development, and grow into the world’s largest rubber industry.

History proves that the development of China’s rubber industry has always been associated with the destiny of the country. The root is Ye Mao.

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Emancipate the minds, all the minds of the city, and make every effort to promote technological progress, product upgrades, and production development

After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the self -reliance and hard work, all wastefulness, are restricted by domestic economic strength, and insufficient talents. In addition to the long -term blockade of foreign countries, the skills are not as good as people. Compared with developed countries and large multinational companies, Research capacity, backward scientific research methods, backward technology and equipment, backward business management concepts, old products, and productivity have not been effectively improved.

At the beginning of the reform and opening up, the rubber industry was transformed into a modernization of modernization with old craftsmanship, old products, and old factories.

The first step in the tire industry is to fully transform the oblique tire. The Ministry of Chemical Engineering has the maintenance of the Rubber Department. With the assistance and support of the relevant departments, the “Factory


“, That is, research units and enterprises jointly develop new processes, new equipment and new raw materials.

The first to be transformed is the tire skeleton material, which is changed from the cotton curtain line to the nylon (nylon) curtain line. Tiblit rubber with good gas tightness is called “internal tan -clone”. After success, the “three major transformations” of improving tire structure design, improving the performance and high -quality lightweight, which consumes significantly, decreases significantly, reduces the weight of the carcass, and most of the mileage reaches about 100,000 kilometers, compared with about 100,000 kilometers, compared It turned out to be more than 20%.

At the same time, the research and testing of autonomous meridian tires has gradually begun in Beijing Rubber Academy and Greater China, Zhengtai, Qingdao Second Factory, and Huarin Rubber Factory.

During this period, the bicycle tires and hand -push tire skeleton materials were also changed from cotton curtain line to chemical fiber curtain cables. Inner tires were switched to butyl rubber, and the product achieved a qualitative leap.

According to the needs of coal mines such as coal mines such as coal mines, the tape tape industry focuses on the development of difficulty in downsometer belts, and quickly put into use. It mainly develops and expands the skeleton materials with steel wire ropes, nylon and polyester cotton cotton -core cores for old state -owned enterprises such as Qingdao Rubber Sixth Factory, Shanghai Tape Factory, Guangzhou Tape Factory, Shenyang Changqiao Tape Factory. Production of conveyor belt.

The rubber shoe industry vigorously develops new products of cold adhesion technology to replace the “liberation shoes” with high -energy -consuming hot sulfurized technology.

With the assistance of UN Population Fund, condom products are focusing on developing new process equipment to improve product quality, use performance and production capacity.

On the basis of replacing the oil method by the water and oil method, the recycling glue gradually promoted the new processes of dynamic desulfurization, improved production conditions, and reduced the pollution of the environment during the production process.

Reform and opening up allows the rubber industry to drive to the fast lane.

In 1985, the national tire output reached 19.25 million, the bicycle tires reached 100 million, the hand push tires reached 20.97 million, the conveyor belt reached 46.12 million square meters, the rubber pipe reached 100 million meters, the rubber shoes reached 690 million pairs, the charcoal black reached 24.7 10,000 tons, all created new historical records.

In the first round of the rubber industry, the technological transformation of the old factory was effective, but after all, it was still old products and backward products. The world’s fist products are tires, and the latest technology and the latest products representing tires are meridian tires. At that time, the sublobal rate of tires in developed countries had reached 90%.

Driven by reform and opening up, the entire national economy is accelerating development. The transportation industry took the lead in the schedule. Following the rise of provincial -level highways in various places, the state proposed the construction of “two verticals and two horizontal” highway networks; the automotive industry was changing the appearance of “lack of weight (heavy trucks)” Together with “cars entering the family”, they were listed as the national pillar industry. The rubber industry is developing lunch tires, overtaked developed countries and large multinational companies. It is not only the goal, but also the actual needs. It is introduced to the first priority of the tire industry.

The Shanghai Zhengtai Rubber Factory took a step first to introduce the second -hand equipment and technology of the semi -steel sedan from Germany. In 1982, it was built into the first domestic nomina production line in China. Breakthrough of the meridial tire zero.

A good start has strengthened the confidence of the entire industry. With the support of the leaders of the Ministry of Chemical Engineering, at the beginning of the “July Five -Year Plan”, the Rubber Division organized the development of new product development plans for the first time, proposing to transform with the transformation The point is to comprehensively promote the grand goal of upgrading rubber products, and mobilize the enthusiasm and creativity of the entire industry.

The new round of technology transformation is unprecedented. First, the starting point is high, and the advanced technologies and equipment introduced from the abroad are directly used. Autonomous; three is

Domestic reality has improved and innovated, and gradually forms its own core technology.

After the tire industry has completed the designated 60 companies, the Huarin Rubber Factory and the Liaoning Tire Factory take the lead in carrying out lunch tire technology and equipment introduction and construction. The Hualin Factory produced 100,000 full steel load lunch tire projects with a total investment of 130 million yuan. It introduced Italian Beiren production technology and advanced complete sets of equipment on the market. Construction was started in June 1986. In December 1987 Sonic tire.

The Liaoning annual output of 150,000 full steel loaded lunch tire project has a total investment of 118 million yuan. It uses British Dunlop technology and complete sets of equipment to start and put into operation with Huarin.

A few years later, the Qingdao Rubber Second Factory (annual output of all steel lunch tires


10,000), Chongqing Tire Factory (annual output of 150,000 tires for nuggets), Beijing tire factory (annual output of semi -steel lunch tires

Thousands of) and Shanghai Tire Group Corporation (now Double Money Group), South China Tire Factory (now Wanli Group), etc., introduced all steel and semi -steel lunch tire technology and equipment from Pirelli and Felston in the United States.

As a major equipment for mine facilities, relevant departments such as the Rubber Division and Equipment Corporation have also organized the Henan Tire Factory, Guilin Tire Factory, and Tianjin Lianlian Tire Plant (imported second-hand equipment) for 3500-51, 3600-51 giant engineering tires related The results soon solved the urgent need for the construction of large -scale mining projects.

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