Focus on sleep and BOSE releases noise sleeping earplugs

[Mobile China News] On June 20, local time, BOSE released its latest generation of products in New York, with Bose noise sleeping earplugs. Compared to traditional noise reduction headphones, it can neither call or listen to music. It only pays attention to one thing to cover common noise in sleep.

Picture from bose

This is BOSE’s first noise sleeping earplug, and it is also a new concept product. BOSE also attaches great importance to this product. Before the official release, the BOSE noise sleeping earplugs first conducted crowdfunding on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo in November 2017. After the crowdfunding was successfully shipped in February 2018 and obtained the good feedback from users, BOSE chose to release this noise sleeping earplug in the consumer market. According to data provided by BOSE, 60%of people around the world have sleep troubles, and noise is the most important factor in the lowest quality of sleep. To solve this problem, BOSE launched this sleeping earplug that aims to benefit millions of people.

Regarding the working principle of BOSE noise sleeping earplugs, the mobile APP has built -in 10 kinds of white noise schemes to cover the environmental noise, thereby assisting sleep. Bose basically removes all unnecessary functions, so that the earplugs do not do anything extra. All operations need to be completed through the mobile app, including playback control and alarm clock settings. In response to different people, in order to achieve the “feelingless experience”, BOSE has selected three sizes of STAYHEAR+earplugs after a long period of testing

On June 21, this product will be listed in the United States and Canada. The Chinese market may usher in this product this fall.

Picture from bose

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