Tesla abandoned 10 kWh PowerWall and turned to small household batteries

Tesla has decided not to reproduce a large -capacity household battery of 10 kWh released last April, and has focused on a small household battery of 7 kWh.

Powerwall of 10 kWh is designated as a spare battery. The internal nickel -cobalt chemical battery determines the upper limit of his 500 charging and discharge, so he cannot be competent for daily use tasks. The nickel manganese chemical battery used in 7 kWh battery has greatly improved its service life, which can achieve 5,000 charging and discharge life, and develop towards Tesla’s “photovoltaic+energy storage” strategic direction.

After the official website of Tesla was quietly removed from the battery of 10 kWh, the company also confirmed the discontinued production to GreenTech Media in an email. In the email, Tesla explained the reasons for their suspension of production, and the smaller PowerWall was more popular with users. Out of the consideration of benefits, Tesla wanted to fully focus on deploying 7 kWh of products.

The 10 kilowatt PowerWall priced at 3500 cents is Tesla’s flagship home energy storage equipment launched by Tesla last year. In fact, they did not expect the success of 7 kWh. Because the residual capacity of home solar panels can be sold. In Tesla’s financial report last year, Tesla president Elon Musk also emphasized: “In fact, customers use our 7 kWh products to comprehensively pay more money than using grids.”

Musk also joked: “But we just sell it, and some people just want to experience the feeling of not relying on the State Grid.”

At the same time, Tesla still expects markets that can expand small -capacity batteries in Australia and Germany, because people with solar panels can make a small profit.

Judging from Tesla’s statement, they will not give up customers with energy storage. I believe they will improve the new version of PowerWall, so that a product can take care of both customers.

Recently, Tesla has begun to send battery components to pilot customers and early buyers in Australia. The first batch of PowerWall devices in the UK also installed in Wales in February. Musk also said Tesla will release a new generation of PowerWall in the second half of this year.

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