my country’s classification trash can market demand is strong in production and sales continued to grow

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In recent years, my country’s urban domestic garbage output has been increasing, which has led to the increasing garbage output with garbage production. Data show that by 2018, the amount of domestic garbage clearance in my country has reached 228 million tons.

2014-2018 my country’s urban domestic garbage clearance volume

Data source: Urban and Rural Statistics Yearbook

In the past model, except for recyclable garbage (plastic bottle, carton, etc.) after the production of domestic garbage was generated by social scattered personnel through manual sorting into the resource recovery channel, other garbage was generally mixed and transferred.

On the one hand, the garbage classification can refine the classification, collection and sales of recyclable waste, to shift the entire channel from decentralized to centralized, and at the same time, the kitchen waste and harmful waste can be separated from the source to reduce the pressure of the end incineration or landfill. Reduce environmental pollution. Therefore, my country is becoming more and more needed for garbage classification.

As the country pays more attention to the problem of garbage classification and recycling, third -party companies have begun to enter this potential market. In a short period of time, different intelligent garbage classification recycling boxes quickly deployed in various communities.

In 2019, the output of classification of garbage bins in my country was about 12.535 million, and it was rapidly growing by the stimulus of downstream demand.

2015-2019 my country’s classification trash bin industry output trend

Source: Guanyan World Data Center organizes

As the pilot pilot pilot pilot is gradually landing across the country, nearly 80 % of the key cities including Shanghai, “recyclables, kitchen waste, harmful garbage, and other garbage” adopted. This makes large trash cans in the community and transit stations need to be updated and expanded. Small trash cans in residents’ families and offices also have the need to update and increase purchases. Based on the number of cities in my country and the demand for classification of trash cans in different volumes of a single city, after the 2019 garbage classification is fully implemented, the demand for 8 -liter and 240 -liter trash cans in my country will increase huge growth. details as follows:

After the garbage classification is fully implemented, the need for new trash bins is driven

Source: Guanyan World Data Processing Center

In 2019, my country’s classification trash can market watching was about 10.153 million, which was about 4 times that of the previous year, and the growth was relatively rapid. Among them, the proposal of garbage classification was indispensable.

2015-2019 my country’s classification trash bin industry sales trend

According to Taobao data, in May 2019, the enterprise service platform, the search volume of the classification trash can increased by more than 30 times, and the transaction increased by more than 70 % year -on -year. user. In June, the sales of household trash bins reached 3 million pieces. Especially from June 1st to 18th, the national search volume of “classified trash bins” increased 18 times compared with the same period last year, of which the search volume from Shanghai has increased by 134 times.

In terms of sales, the purchase volume from Shanghai in late June 2019 increased by 105.8 times year -on -year, becoming the most popular product in the same period. Alibaba’s data also shows that the need for trash bins is sprayed: In June, individual users on Taobao and Tmall platforms purchased a classification trash can 250 million yuan, of which one -third of the purchase volume contributed.

For a long time, my country’s classification trash can market has a considerable amount of supply. A large number of excess capacity each year and high export dependence of foreign trade exports are high. The improvement rate of annual production and sales has reached 81%, which is a significant increase from previous years.

2015-2019 my country’s classification trash bin industry production and sales rate trend

From the perspective of demand preferences, consumers mainly pay attention to the function of classified trash cans. The function that can deodorize has become the main driver factor for consumers. Secondly, the cleaning of the trash can is also where consumers pay attention to.

Demand preferences for classification of trash bins in 2019

In terms of price, all as consumers do not want to get cheap products. This can effectively reduce the cost of individual or enterprise procurement. Therefore, the price preferences of consumers in the trash bin industry are high, but it is not that high prices cannot be accepted.

In 2019, the price preferences of the trash bin industry

In terms of brand, most consumers are willing to buy products with brand awareness. This preference must be more obvious in terms of government and corporate customers. However, the current problem facing the classification trash bin industry in my country is that there are no major influence brands in the industry for the time being, which has caused considerable trouble for consumers to purchase products.

2019 Category Trash Bible Corporate Brand Preferences

From the perspective of classified trash bin opening methods, consumers mainly popular with the opening hair type that facilitates the launch. Due to the high degree of intelligence, consumers are more willing to pay for their functions due to the high degree of intelligence.

2019 classification trash can opening method preference

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Source: Guanyan World Data Center organizes

Source: Guanyan World Data Center organizes

Source: Guanyan World Data Center organizes

Source: Guanyan World Data Center organizes

Source: Guanyan World Data Center organizes

Source: Guanyan World Data Center organizes

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Category garbage bin

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