Knowing this, you can also cut off half of the certification budget-Saudi articles

Recently, many friends who do foreign trade have been found. In fact, the factory has some certifications, but it has not been used, and some certification costs have been wasteed in vain.

For example, your product is an electronic product. If the factory has already done CB certification, in fact, this certificate can be applied to many countries to issue certificates. It can save various test fees and certification fees in the middle.

Today we will briefly introduce the application of some CB certification in the Saudi market.

1. International Certification Universal Key -IECEE CB Certificate

IECEE CB system operation

1. In order to reduce the trade barriers caused by different certification standards in different countries/regions, eliminate multiple test costs, and promote international trade, IEC of the International Electricity Commission IEC began to operate the CB of the Electrician Electrician and components of the International Electrical Engineering Commission in 1985 System -ICEE CB system.

2. Members of the IECEE CB system use the principles of mutual recognition (acceptance) test results to obtain certification or recognition from countries or regions around the world.

3. At present, the IECEE CB system covers 22 electrical and electrical equipment and test service categories.

Battery, cable, capacitors are parts, electrical switches and household appliances automatic control, network security, energy efficiency, electric vehicle, electromagnetic compatibility, home and similar equipment, industrial automation, installation accessories and connection devices, information technology audio videos, lamps, lamps , Measurement, control and laboratory equipment, medical electrical equipment, miscellaneous, IT and office equipment, low -voltage high -power switch equipment, installation protection equipment, photovoltaic power generation, safety transformers and similar equipment, portable tools, electronics, entertainment, entertainment

4. There are 54 participating countries, 90 national certification agencies, and 530 test laboratories

These countries include: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Barin, Belain, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cotti, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Indonesia, Indonesia , Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya, South Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Slovez, Slovenia, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Switzerland,,, Switzerland, Switzerland,, Switzerland, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, UAE, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Vietnam (if the factory has CB certification and exports to the above countries, you need to consider whether this certificate can be directly used in these countries or can reduce some certification links and save some costs to save some costs. )

International certification universal key:

1. IEC international standards and national/regional standard coordination

2. One test, a national certification agency (NCB), a certificate, multilateral mutual recognition

3. Simplify the certification process, short cycle, low cost, and enter the market faster

2. IECEE CB system and Saudi Arabia compliance certification

1. Saudi Arabia is a member of IECEE CB

2. Saudi Arabia adopts a large number of IEC standards (the standards of most of Saudi Arabia’s electronic products are not formulated by themselves, but it has copied the operation of the International Electricity Commission).

3. Electronic and electrical product compliance certification accepts IEC standard test results

Third, Saudi Arabia compliance certification

Saudi Arabia Product Safety Plan-2018

1. Saudi Product Safety Plan (Saleem), which is a complete system that integrates technical regulations, systems, and control measures. It is responsible for managing and execution by Saudi Arabia Standard, Measurement and Quality Bureau (SASO).

2. So far, Saleem has plans to cover 43 technical regulations, including: low -voltage electronic electrical equipment, gas tools and accessories, mechanical products, toys, chemicals, buildings, etc.

3. 43 technical regulations involve low -voltage electronics equipment, gas tools and accessories, mechanical products, toys, chemicals, buildings, etc.

(1) Technical regulations of gas tools and its accessories

(2) Technical and regulations of the Bay Low -voltage Electric Electric Electric Electric Electric (including AC 50V ~ 1000V and DC 75V ~ 1500V All electronic equipment)

(3) Technical Regulations for Children’s Toy for Children

(4) Lubricant technical regulations

(5) Technical regulations for building and facilities for electric elevator

(6) The first part of the technical regulations of building materials: Metal and alloy materials for building categories

(7) Part 2 of the technical regulations of architectural materials: insulation and plating materials for building categories

(8) Part 3: Hydraulic connector and related products

(9) Part of the technical regulations of architectural materials: brick, tiles, ceramics and bathroom products

(10) Technical regulations of paint and varnish products

(11) Technical regulations for electric balance vehicle

(12) Technical regulations for truck baffle

(13) Battery Technical Regulations

(14) Technical regulations for decomposing plastic product products

(15) Technical regulations for automobile parts

(16) Personal protection equipment and clothing technical regulations

(17) Textile Technical Regulations

(18) Technical regulations for trailers and semi -trailers

(19) Wash technical regulations

(20) Photovoltaic battery technical regulations

(21) Electric vehicle technical regulations

(22) Technical regulations of communication equipment

(23) Technical regulations for pressure equipment

(24) Technical Regulations of Casino Game Equipment

(25) Decoration technical regulations

(26) Technical regulations for shoe leather products

(27) Technical Regulations of Fireworks Products

(28) Technical regulations for packaging product

(29) Part 5 of the Technical Regulations of Architectural Materials: Plastic and Metal Tube used in water and power networks

(30) The technical method of contacting the material with food

(1) GC logo

Gulf Conformity Marking, that is, the bay is compliant, is pasted on the regulatory range to indicate the product meets the requirements of relevant regulations.

Implementation countries: UAE, Barin, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, and Kuwait, Yemen.

13 major category LVE

【1】 Home Electric Fan

【2】 Home refrigerator/cold cabinet/refrigerated freezing equipment

【3】 Washing machine/dry clothing machine/drying machine

【4】 Mixer/grinding machine/juicer

[5] Bakery (Du Shi Furnace)

【6】 Home Electric Heating Device (heater)

【7】 Microwave oven

[8] Other stove cooking utensils cooking electric furnace roasted barbecue and baking

[9] That is the hot electric water heater or water storage water heater and an immersive electric water heater

[10] Electricity Hairdressing Equipment and Baking Mobile Phone

【11】 Electric iron

【12】 Plug, socket, adapter, wire component

【13】 Air conditioning

Children’s toys (all toy products for children under 14 years of age)

(2) SASO IECEE Certificate (SIRC) product range

【1】 Lighting

【2】 dishwasher

【3】 Mobile power supply

[4] Charging treasure, wireless charger, car charger

【5】 Mobile phone battery

【6】 Power adapter

【7】 Smart watch & smart bracelet

【8】 TV & display screen

【9】 Wireless headset

【10】 Electric pump

【11】 Solar photovoltaic products

【12】 Electronic cigarette equipment

(3) SQM product range (forced implementation of high -risk products)

【1】 Gas Accessories

【2】 Architectural material

【3】 Chemical products

【4】 Electric vehicle accessories

【5】 wires and cables

【6】 Mobile socket

[7] plug socket

[8] switch

Some friends must have doubts, such as the product of the plug -in socket, and the scope of the GC logo regulations, and in the scope of SQM regulations. What should I do?

Answer: Do the GC logo first, and then the SQM certification can be circulated! (In fact, the product test section can be used in the CB report. Other authentication processes are just an additional factory review)

(4) Saber COC product range

[1] All products imported to Saudi Arabia

Products within the GC logo range, products within SIRC range, and products within SQM range

[2] It is enough to make a compliance statement beyond the control of the above regulations

Fourth, how to apply for Saudi Arabia with CB to apply for Saudi Arabia with CB

(1) GC logo certification certificate

Certification requirements:

Safety test

EMC test

Safety test accepts CB test report and test certificate

You need to review whether the report is the version that meets the latest standard requirements of GSO. If it is a test report based on the latest version, and covering the local standard difference test requirements of Saudi Arabia, you can directly use the CB test report and certificate. Repeat testing, you can apply for the GC logo certificate.

(2) SASO IECEE recognition certificate

CB test report and CB test certificate within three years

Including Saudi Nations

(3) SQM recognition certificate

Factory review

Supervision after obtaining a certificate

(4) Saber Coc

Certification requirements: (need to view regulatory requirements, some product types only need to provide test reports, some product types need to provide test reports+factory review)

Type 1A: Security test

Type 3: Security test+factory review

(5) Saudi country differences

[1] Voltage and frequency: 220V/380V 60Hz (test conditions in the CB certificate cover this voltage and frequency range)

[2] Plug type: Type G Saso 2203 (the product plug type needs to meet the local standards of Saudi Arabia)

[3] Climate type: T (43 ± 1) ℃ (test results under this climate)

[4] Safety description, warning language language: Arabic (the manual needs to meet the requirements of Saudi Arabia)

So, if you have a CB certificate and report, at the same time you meet the following 3 conditions

1. Saudi countries differences (test conditions cover Saudi countries different conditions)

2. The standard version of the certificate is the standard version of Saudi Arabia.

3. IECEE recognition must provide CB within three years

You can convert Saudi Arabia’s various certifications at will. If there are specific details, you need to understand, welcome to leave a message!

Certification requirements:

Certification requirements:

Safety test

Safety test accepts CB test report and test certificate

Safety test accepts CB test report and test certificate

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