If a day, the boss said to you, because your active performance, he decided to give you a car within 150,000, asking which kind of you want, how would you answer?

If it is me, I think I will answer: 2021 Caroli 1.2T S-CVT Pioneer Plus version. Its manufacturer’s guide price is only 122,800, and some dealers have a discount of 0.8-1.5 million yuan. Even if they add purchase tax, insurance and other fees, it is completely in the range of boss rewards.


In addition to the price factor, what is the comprehensive performance of this car? Today, I will take a look at Da Yu.


First, appearance


Look at the front face, you will feel that 2021 Calorola is very “fierce”, very attacked, this is also the latest family style in Toyota. The Karola is wide-wide front grille and the bag angle of the two sides create a very powerful “chin”; “flying wing”-type chrome-plated decorative strips and two headlights are one-sided, which looks very sharp.

This pioneer Plus version of Carolla uses a halogen headlight, supports adaptive far light, automatic headlights, and highlights. In addition, the car is equipped with daytime driving lights and front fog lights, more practical.

The side lines are very simple, almost a stroke, Carolla does not use the popular “slide” design in the current popular “slope”, which is great in the C-column, which also leaves more space in the car. The tail is not like the “fierce”, but it is a bit conservative, paying attention to the level, which also makes the Coroli tail look back and a sense of security.

In terms of body size, 2021 Corolla 1.2T S-CVT Pioneer Plus version of the length of: 4635x1780x1455mm, the wheelbase is 2700mm.


This size is very good for a compact household car.


Second, interior


In the car, a familiar feeling came. The whole center constructed stage is very three-dimensional, the line is simple, and it is very leveling. Carolla’s interior style is still a family use, but don’t deliberately create, it will be warm, maybe this is Dazhou to Toyota’s “feelings”?

The middle control screen is 8-inch touch LCD screen, and the touch response speed is still sensitive. Of course, the operation UI is old, there is not a sense of technology, so it is good to make a reasonable function, there is no need to explore too much. Support multimedia system, reverse image, Bluetooth / car phone and Baidu Carlife, is enough.


The steering wheel is a traditional circular trime, supporting multi-function buttons control, material is soft, soft, grizzling and texture.

2021 Carolla is standardized with Toyota’s latest TSS intelligent security system, including lanes from warning, lane maintenance, full speed, cruise, active brakes, etc.

Third, seat and space

This caulola is equipped with fabric seats, the filler is very soft, the wrap and support are very good, Da Yu is still very like. Moreover, the fabric seat is very breathable, and it is more suitable for this kind of Daewoo.


Here, the side of the Carolla’s seat is also airbags. Don’t make a seat cover for aesthetic or don’t want to blur seats, otherwise it may affect the normally of the airbag in an urgent situation.

The rear seat and the front row comfort are consistent. The middle position is not high, which can be placed, this is an additional entry for domestic cars.

Daoyu is 1 meter 75, after adjusting the front row to the right position, sit in the back row, there is 1 punch in the head space, the leg space has 1 punch, this performance is a Chinese torque.


The trunk volume is 470L, put down 20 inch, 24 inch, 28 inch three suitcases, and some of the remaining spaces, good performance. For families, there is no need to worry about luggage loading for the family.

Fourth, power and chassis

2021 Carolla 1.2T S-CVT Pioneer Plus version is equipped with a 1.2T four-cylinder turbocharged engine, maximum power 85kW (116PS) / 5200-5600RPM, maximum torque 185N · m / 1500-4000 rpm, matching CVT Stepless gearbox.

From the parameter, it is also enough for a household car.


Carolla’s strength is economic energy saving. This pioneer Plus version of NEDC integrated fuel consumption is 5.5L / 100km, which can be said to be very effective, and add 92 # gasoline.

In terms of the chassis, this Corolla is suspended as a McFesson’s independent suspension, and the post-suspension of the double-arm independent suspension, which has a certain improvement of the top 2021 Carolla’s chassis. The steering hand has become relatively clear, it is more written.


Of course, the suspension adjustment is still a home style, a bit soft. At high speed, support is slightly short.

Of course, the filter is not bad, the passage of the slight is too bumpy, and can ensure the comfort of the rear passenger.

Daewoo Review

Overall, Carolla is a very excellent household sedan, while 2021 Calorla 1.2T S-CVT Pioneer Plus version is equilibrated, and there is basically, plus price reasonable, if your boss will send a day You have a car within a 150,000, you don’t have to hesitate, choose it!