Skin care knowledge

1. Repair barrier

The general process of brushing acid treatment can be summarized to achieve a fast anti -inflammatory and strong skin rejuvenation effect through strong deprivation of keratin. Therefore, during the treatment, the barrier function of the skin itself is completely destroyed, and the skin is in a “empty window period” with a large city gate.

After brushing acid, you need to repair the skin barrier in time. Try to focus on the most basic moisturizing function when skin care. Do not use whitening and irritating skin care products such as whitening and alcohol.

2. Moderate cleaning

Do not use physical exfoliating and other exfoliating ingredients after brushing acid. It is better to cleans the face with warm water or amino acid facial cleanser. It is better in a gentle way.

3. Don’t do these in advance

Do not put on makeup within 48h brushing. It is best not to be in an overheated environment within a week. Do n’t do it first. Don’t exercise vigorously to avoid red face.

4. Eating diet

Drinking, seafood and spicy and irritating foods within a week, and do not eat light -sensitive food.

5. Pay attention to sun protection

The stratum corneum of the skin after brushing becomes thinner, and it is easy to have problems under the irradiation of the sun. During sunscreen, it is best to use a physical sunscreen product, because this sunscreen will form a protective film on the surface of the skin to resist ultraviolet penetration. When the ultraviolet rays are strong, you can cooperate with hats, sunglasses, parasols, etc. for sunscreen.

After brushing acid, the stratum corneum is very weak. If you go out, you must pay attention to good sun protection! Intersection Intersection

The above is the introduction and description of skincare, I hope it can be helpful to you.