Student party cheap Italian KIKO holiday limited lipstick! Super beautiful diamond -shaped metal matte lipstick

Kiko ARCTIC HOLIDAY is actually a 17 -year Christmas makeup series, but because there are too many major Christmas items for major brands, and the three metal matte red super -beautiful red super -looking, Kiko can’t help sharing ~

The shell is designed with a silver small waist, which is very smooth. The lid feels a magnet with suction power, which is very fun.

The lipstick paste is cut into a geometric surface, a bit like CPB lipstick, plus dense metal flashes, especially like a bright diamond, super beautiful!

A total of 3: Matte 02 Refined Red, Metal 02 Unchanged Golden Rose, Metal 03 Charming Red

Matte 02 Refined red

Very classic retro dark red, the color and color are very saturated, but because the overall light feels dull, it will not be obtrusive at all, but it has a neutral charm.

The velvet matte texture, plus very beautiful diamond cut surface, at first glance, it looks like a velvet cake, smooth and easy to apply, and the mouth is fog and matte makeup effect.

Metal 02 Unchanged Golden Rose

The silver flash rose is golden, the color saturation is relatively low, and there is no grainy to coat, which is very moisturizing. After getting up, it is very eye -catching and colorful, full of festive atmosphere and immortality.

Whether it is the background or sealing color, it is really flashy and not daily.

Metal 03 Charming Red

The color of the metal land has a very delicate golden flash, which looks like a pink polarizer, which is particularly eye -catching and beautiful.

This one should be the hottest in the series. It does not pick the skin. The yellow skin is friendly and white, which is very suitable for painting when going out.

PS: The test color is for reference only, and you need to be cautious when you start ~

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