Essential elements of the wedding dining table layout 丨 How to arrange a high -quality dining table -Jihe Huaxu

When attending a wedding banquet, you may have in -depth exchanges on the guests around you, or you may not forget to some delicious dishes, but do you know what to pay attention to when the wedding banquet table layout?

1. Tablecloth

The color choice of the tablecloth of the wedding dining table is very important. It is necessary to match the main color of the entire wedding and consider the visual and emotional effects of the guests. It is best not to choose a sequin or the gorgeous colors of Thailand. The solid color is best.

2. Table flag

The table flag is generally arranged at the Western -style wedding banquet table, mainly placing a long cloth curtain in the center of the table for decorations.

3. Decoration

Whether it is a Chinese wedding banquet or a Western -style wedding banquet, whether it is a round table or a long table, if the wedding looks exquisite, the decoration is essential. The most common decoration is flowers or candlesticks. The dining table with flowers is full of vigor, fun, fashionable, cute and romantic. The operation of the layout and professional team will leave better memories.

4. Desktop number

The purpose of placing the table number on the dining table is to make the guests find their own seats more orderly, suitable for medium and large wedding banquets, and matches the seat card.

5. Pleasant Box or Return to Gifts

Sugar boxes are generally placed on the Chinese wedding dining table, and Western weddings are specially prepared by new people. They can be placed on the plate or prepared a region to place it. The guests take themselves.

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