How to choose the door and window of the golden -nocity window product

Windows are important places such as ventilation, heat dissipation, etc. at home. When closing the door at home, it is also the main place outside. Therefore, the window in the interior decoration is also very critical. You can also see a variety of products, let’s take a look at the choice of doors and windows of Jinnuo Window.

1. How about Jinnuo Window

Jiangshan Jinnuomen is a manufacturer specializing in the production of indoor lacquered doors and solid wood composite paint doors. The company’s research, production, sales and services are one in one. The purpose of “quality such as life, reputation, and money, customer wins God”, and the spirit of “healthy and environmental protection”, with integrity, seeking development, expanding the market with quality, and being a nation for the whole country. Users of all localities provide low -cost products to bring high -quality products and good services.

Second, the choice method of the doors and windows of Jinnuo Window products

1. With the rise of the concept of smart doors and windows, smart doors and window manufacturers have sprung up like rain, but most of these manufacturers are following the trend. In fact, there is no professional research team and completed production industry chain. “The brand, the actual product of the real meaning has a technical and functional difference in intelligent control, and even without a little” IQ “, just change the traditional manipulation method.

2. You should buy a security lock on both sides. The weight of the lock with the feel is more locking. Conversely, the materials are thin and easy to damage. Secondly, see the smoothness of the lock on the surface, whether it is delicate and smooth, without spots. Repeat the sensitivity of the lock core spring. Diamond wheels, hinge, and foot wheels: Activity parts may reduce performance due to the adhesion of dust for a long time. One or two drops of lubricant can be kept smooth every six months.

3. The windproof performance is what we must consider when buying doors and windows, especially the windshield of windows of high -rise houses. In fact, the windproofness is mainly to look at the profiles of the doors and windows. Green door and windows are refined by titanium magnesium aluminum alloy. The strength and rigidity indicators are better. In the face of heavy rain and strong wind attack, it can be safer to cover the wind and rain.

4. Good water tightness will make the doors and windows facing heavy rain, which can block the outdoor rain in the outdoor and keep the indoor dryness. Generally, the door and window glass with good water tightness is covered with hollow glass, that is, the general glass is installed between the grass -roots glass, and the desiccant that can absorb water vapor to avoid water vapor to avoid entering the house.

5. The closed performance of doors and windows is also very important. Plastic steel insulation windows are a kind of well-confined. They use double or even three-layer vacuum LPW-E glass, plus double-road rubber sealing, doors and windows, doors and windows. very good.

How about Jinnuo Window? Kim Nuo Window is a small domestic door and window brand. Compared with the big brand, the brand quality and after -sales service cannot be guaranteed, but the cost performance is relatively high. The article also introduces the selection method of the door and window of the Jinnuo window. You can choose whether there are products that are suitable for your home.

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