“One thing, one product · 80th issue” mahogany furniture-throne

1. The origin of the throne

All sitting equipment for the emperor is called the throne. There are various forms, and the shapes and structures of some thrones are not different from the Luohan bed, but the shape is smaller than the Luohan bed. Some people say that it has evolved from bed, and it does have a certain reason.

The throne is built in the Ming Dynasty of the palaces and is dedicated to the emperor. Sometimes it is also placed in the palace, usually in the middle or significant position. Such large chairs are rarely paired, and they are furnished alone. The throne of the Ming Dynasty was not a general family utensils. Only in courts, mansion and temples. The image of the Ming Dynasty is mainly seen today in murals and scrolls, and the throne is extremely rare. There are not many forms in the Ming Dynasty, and the number is very small.

Second, the momentum of the throne

When it comes to the throne, it is easy to remind us of the challenge. It seems to have the same feeling of leading, but the delicate taste is very different. There are some pride on the challenge, and the throne is even more respectful. You can experience a “large scales” like “large scales” like “large scales” in the chair body, and the throne even highlights the world’s world. “Orthodox”.

Indeed, the ancient throne in my country has always been the royal segment of the royal family. In order to show the majesty of the throne as the majesty of the imperial power, Emperor Yongzheng of the Qing Dynasty clearly stipulated that the eunuchs in the palace in the palace’s “walking through the throne, and there must be a respectful heart, urgently tending to walk and etiquette.” It can be seen that the throne is in the ruler There is already the sacred taste created by myself.

Three, the current situation of the throne

The manufacturing process of antique furniture fully adheres to the traditional craftsmanship, especially enterprises with a relatively high level of craftsmanship. A few years ago, the imitation of classic Chinese classical furniture has begun.

We say that the throne is mostly furnished in the middle of the hall and the room. But it is no longer high, but has become a furnishings in ordinary people’s homes. In order to be more in line with the living environment of ordinary people, the throne is mostly a small throne form with a small shape. When placing, it is placed in pairs and paired with tables. It seems solemn. The main reasons for the placement of the placement.

In the application, the use of the throne is very flexible. Unlike other sites or small or small, it looks unjust. It can be customized according to your preferences and the environmental requirements of furnishings. Regardless of whether it is large or small, the unique king of the throne cannot be concealed; at the same time, it is also the most flexible when choosing. I really like to choose a set of high -end Chinese -style office furniture, and the throne is often a must -have for them.

Fourth, big red rosewood sandalwood sofa appreciation

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