Plastic film invasion of the power line railway department with power removal

(Reporter Lin Luran correspondent Ke Zhihong) At about 4 pm on January 1, a plastic film hung on the contact network of the railway line of Xiamen Station. Fortunately, it was found that the Xiamen railway power supply department immediately disposed of, and the incident did not affect the safe traffic of the train.

When the New Year’s Day holiday is when the passenger travels busy, the Xiamen railway staff has stepped up inspections. At 4:56 pm on New Year’s Day, the staff suddenly found that a half -meter -long plastic film was blown up by the wind and floated to the 6 -channel contact network power supply line of Xiamen Station. At this time, although the stock road did not pick up passenger trains, it was only 3 meters away from the busy route. “If the wind is scratched again, the plastic film is likely to float to the main line again, directly affecting the transportation order of passenger trains.” The staff said. Taking danger as the order, they immediately contacted the driving scheduling, applied for entering the platform, and then took a charged operation to clear the plastic film quickly.

Jiang Yuanlin, a technician of the Xiamen Railway Power Supply Department, introduced that light floats such as kite, balloon, plastic bags, and plastic film are wrapped around the railway power line, which will affect the electric bow of the train, causing the motor vehicle line to power off, and the consequences are very serious. During the New Year’s Day holiday this year, the Xiamen Railway added 26 trains. In the face of high -density train operations, the Xiamen Railway power supply department on the one hand ensured its own power supply equipment safely and reliable. Essence

The Xiamen Railway Power Supply Department reminds: It is forbidden to lift low -altitude floating objects such as kite and balloons within the range of 500 meters on both sides of the railway power line. Light floating objects such as protective films, relevant units and users should take reinforcement protection measures. If citizens find foreign bodies on the power supply line, they can dial 0592-3825773, 18030153046 to reflect the situation, and work together to create a railway air safety line.

Source: Xiamen Daily

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