Speaking of trench coats, khaki trench coat is a classic, but the classic is also boring. Why not try the navy blue trench coat this spring? Navy blue is more stable and more intellectual, and it is also very suitable for the color of light -mature women. This time, let’s take a look at the spring dressing example of the navy blue windbreaker.

Navy blue trench coat+pants

Even with casual wear with jeans, if you choose a jacket to choose a naval blue trench coat, it will look mature. By pairing with jeans, the beautiful navy blue trench coat becomes casual, but it will not be too casual, making it a fashionable shape that everyone is easy to control.

The checkered trousers and the navy blue trench coat are a good combination. Your dress will have a classic British style. The checkered pants can choose a slightly loose style, which can bring you a comfortable feeling. It is recommended to choose light -colored inside to brighten the shape.

It is also recommended to use the navy blue trench coat and white clothes, because this shape will look refreshing. The white inside and white pants will be in sharp contrast to the navy blue. If the trench coat is still unique in design, it will be more fashionable.

Navy blue can be matched in various colors. Select soft green and beige in the inside. This color matching effect looks both gentle and intellectual.

Navy blue long trench coats can reduce their sense of leisure and give you a more elegant feeling. For mature women, comfortable but too casual will look sloppy. The important thing is to maintain a clean and tidy feeling, so choosing the navy blue trench coat will be very suitable.

Navy blue trench coats sometimes make your shape look dull, but if you choose the appropriate accessories, you can immediately change the impression. For example, this red plaid scarf can add gorgeous and fashionable colors to you.

This is a classic trench coat designed with double -breasted buckle, which is made of corduroy material, which is warm and shiny. Choose the navy blue, integrate into the intellectual atmosphere, reduce the sense of leisure, and use the belt to outline the waistline to create a casual shape that is not too casual.

This naval blue trench coat uses the impressive fashion rolling craft, and the shape of the bow in inherit the bow is also very fashionable, adding a sweet and cute feeling to the shape. The short answer with bottom pants looks simple and fashionable.

Navy blue trench coat+skirt

By using a green skirt as a lower dress, the casual shape can look full of spring. The white T -shirt and shoes are very bright and fresh with a green skirt with a green skirt.

The bright color skirt often feels naive, it is more suitable for girls. But if you choose a jacket to choose a navy blue windbreaker, it will be very suitable for light -mature women in their 30s. The gray sweater looks very good, and the whole shape will become calm and not suppressed.

The soft fabric’s navy blue trench coat and the same soft and light skirt are matched. For this softly scattered shape, please use the belt to tighten the waist to make the waistline clearer to create a perfect shape.

The navy blue trench coat and brown long skirt, the stiff windbreaker will make the vertical lines more prominent, thereby showing a tall effect. Putting the tight white knitted sweater into the high -waisted skirt, thin and fashionable.

The back is decorated with a pleated trench coat, which exudes a sweet and elegant atmosphere. Choosing the Navy Blue will not make you too sweet and cute, so it is very suitable for light -cooked women to wear in spring.

This darker purple is a popular color of light -mature women, which is noble and mysterious. Use a dark purple skirt to match with the naval blue breeze, so that you can enjoy the elegance suitable for mature women in a chic atmosphere.

The navy blue trench coat and gray checkered skirt and light gray sweater are matched with it, simple and elegant. Navy blue trench coats are also very suitable for enhancement of classical sense.

This is a stacked shape. In a simple combination, it adds a gorgeous and fashionable feeling through the inner matching of flower patterns. When you feel that the matching is too flat, try it like this.

Navy blue trench coat+dress

This is also a naval blue windbreaker with rolling craftsmanship, trendy and fashionable. The back of its pleated design, this is a single product with a sweet feeling, simply matching a dress to complete the light -mature style.

A simple match combines the white dress with the navy blue trench coat. But thanks to the green bag, the shape looks shiny. You only need to add a little color accessory to easily create a stylish style that can have a spring atmosphere.

This is the combination of naval blue trench coats and knitted dresses, simple and classic leisure shapes. The windbreaker will not look casual, it is very suitable for a lazy and comfortable knitted dress. Keep the color of the accessories consistent with the dresses. There are only two colors of shapes.

Use floral dress as the protagonist of spring shape, which will make you feel easier and pleasant. Use the navy blue trench coat to cover a large area of ​​flower patterns, avoiding fancy, giving people just right.

Navy blue is a very dark blue, and it can be well matched with light blue. The light blue lace dress is used as the inside, with the navy blue trench coat, you can create an elegant light -familiar style.

This high -necked trench coat has a unique sense of design and makes people look very fashionable. It is more suitable for early spring and is colder. Choose a pair of gray flower pants under the bottom. The pants have a mid -line design to keep the shape a sharp effect. Put on your high heels and put on your commuting bag to complete the very stylish and temperamental commute office.

This is a feminine design dress. It is a kind of beige, bright and soft in the brightness. By matching the navy blue windbreaker, we will moderately reduce the sweetness of the shape and complete the chic color effect. Simply match a pair of high -heeled boots, the shape is very good. Of course, it is also recommended to accompany a bright color bag to add vivid colors to the shape.