(Observer.com) Can’t operate the app that cannot be played by the car, and the health code cannot be shown to visit friends … While the light people enjoyed the various convenience brought by digitalization in the information age, the “digital gap” also quietly appeared. How to meet the urgent needs of the elderly in the life of smart society, and helping them to cross the “digital gap” have become a challenge that the entire society is facing. As the first city of aging transformation, how did the aging of Shanghai do?

On July 10th, at the Forum on the World Artificial Intelligence Conference · AI to meet the digital gap, the Shanghai Economic and Information Commission, the Municipal Education Commission, and the Civil Affairs Bureau were Shanghai Elderly University, Alipay, Pudong Library, Shanghai Telecom, Shanghai Mobile, Shanghai Mobile, Shanghai Mobile, Shanghai Mobile, Shanghai Mobile, Shanghai Mobile, Shanghai Mobile, Shanghai Mobile Shanghai Unicom and Oriental Pearl New Media awarded the first batch of “Shanghai numbers as old training bases”.


Alipay and other companies have been awarded “Shanghai Digital Training Base”

Zhang Ying, deputy director of the Shanghai Economic and Information Commission, said: “At the opening ceremony of the day before yesterday, Shanghai officially launched the” Digital Partner Program “. Gathering, working together to prevent a elderly from being forgotten outside the digital age. I believe that this is an important commitment to build a people’s city in the era of digital intelligence. Important connotation. “

Enter the community and use the most traditional model to do digital education for the elderly

As the first batch of Shanghai figures for the old training base, the blue vest launched a ceremony to help the old -fashioned community on the spot to help the elderly learn to use mobile phones to pay, no contact, and register for medical treatment. Popularize and help the elderly protect the “money bag”. Solve the problem that the elderly will not use or dare to use the elderly.

“In addition to the optimization of the product side, we are still constantly set up a bridge between the digital gaps.” Chen Li, the founder of Alipay Blue Vest, said that in the community, in the interpretation of the densely resident point in the supermarket, Pudong Lujiazui community tour lectures. At present, Blue Vests have entered 10 districts in Shanghai and served nearly 20,000. “I hope that in addition to technology, there are still warmth between people to meet this number gap. More and more companies will set up a bridge on this gap, then more elderly people can cross this gap. Live a convenient life. “

The police at the community of the Pudong Meiyuan New Village Police Station and the Volunteer of the Blue Horse Armor gave a lecture to the elderly

At the Perlist of Lujiazui Meiyuan New Village Police Station in Pudong, Blue Horse A volunteer and the community police are combined with the elderly.


The activity has been carried out for one month and has covered 6 neighborhood committees. Use habits. “Said Lama A volunteer.

At the same time, Blue Vests also cooperated with Shanghai Elderly University to open a Blue Vest Digital Life Experience Station, self -service cash register, AI intelligent anti -fraud challenge platform and other equipment, and launched corresponding interactive courses.

“Our method looks bulky, but this is the most closest way to the elderly. In a class, we can help 5 elderly people learn to link Wi-Fi, 3 elderly people will pay online, 2 elderly people learn to take a taxi, these these The accumulation of bites is of great significance to us. “Chen Li said.

Since its launch, the Blue Vests project has covered 23 cities including Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, Zhuhai, Chengdu, Dalian. As of May this year, a total of more than 2,000 games have been implemented, with a total of more than 100,000 volunteer services.

Shanghai Sai aging transformation has entered the fast lane

Zheng Lei, a professor at the School of International Relations and Public Affairs of Fudan University, said at the meeting that the problem of digital gaps in the digital gap needs to be people -centered, and the coordination between the three of the three of technology, policies, and service, and the three drive each other. On the one hand, letting technology run and promote it. On the other hand, it regulates it. In terms of tolerance of services and policies, technology must also be tolerant.

The “Applying” APP of the Shanghai One -SC Office has launched a “elderly version” for the elderly. Its version enlarges the display fonts, and the application fonts commonly used by the elderly, the “one thing”, the bus code, and the subway code that the elderly use Concentrated display facilitates the operation of the elderly; the shoe stool, the LED glowing long handrail, the toilet auxiliary lifting chair, the cane that can be turned into a stool, a full set of automatic alarm system … These home facilities suitable for the elderly will enter the more More families come; from “Yangzhao Po” to the door of the community, “one -click call”, Shanghai’s aging transformation is reflected in all aspects.

Shi Yu, Department of Information Technology, the Shanghai Economic and Information Commission, said that Shanghai’s Internet companies have moved in the renovation of aging and achieved related results.

At present, a number of Shanghai Internet companies have started the aging transformation. Alipay, as the first batch of app -aging renovation apps in Shanghai, has launched the “Elderly Model” in full. In addition to the increase in font icons and simplified the operation page, it also removes the functions and marketing push of some elderly people. , Elderly people over the age of 65 still have one -click to reach the entrance to manual services. Wang Yan, the person in charge of the project, said that the “Elderly Model” is currently running for 3 months, and more than 1 million users have been used. In the future, the “Elderly Model” will continue to be optimized.

In this regard, the first batch of experience students of Shanghai Elderly University said, “I did not expect that you are willing to remove advertisements and reduce revenue to cooperate with the usage habits of our elderly.” “After switching to the elder version, the 200 -degree old flower eye does not need to wear glasses. You have to clear, just click on your mobile phone recharge. “

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