Wave sister quotations: This summer is going to pass, crazy for yourself, use the perfect body to control high quality clothes!

This summer doesn’t want to do a lady to wear a fairy skirt like everyone. I don’t want to wear a donated denim shorts like everyone. Then this white shirt takes a black bicycle pants to dress, you deserve.

This year, the design of the bicycle pants in the new fire is popular in the fashion circle. Bright bicycle pants are close to the leg plane. The muscle texture of the thigh is outlined. Plus one piece of rice shirt, waist with the same color belt. Add some cool feelings!

The closeness of the leggings is called fashion? Jennie and Bella love, really don’t understand. Black bicycle trousers plus a white simple shirt, the simple wind is full. White standing shirt. A tertiary black button is more classic. Chanel’s logo reflects the brand’s style, with a plurality of lock chains in the belt, and the punk is full.


White shirts have always been a downtime, with a black sling, tied in the corner, and a small videos of the small waist books that will be profitable. Black bicycle pants also want to be in touch with the perfect thigh curve.


The good body can make a beautiful dress, practice yoga, shape the body shape, and have the most beautiful wear!

Look1: Practice Yoga and keep a good leg shape.


Yoga can not only improve the inner cultivation of people, but also make your outside. Girls pay attention to elephant legs, do not be able to decrease, but need to use the right way, yoga can be described as a good choice!


First, sitting on the ground, the left leg bended to the inside of the body, the right leg is highly enhanced from the back side of the body to the air, and the foot is stretched with the leg surface to maintain a straight line. The left arm has grasped the right leg from the top, and the right arm is pressed at his left leg.

A simple version of the wheel, find a slope, ten fingers separate the arms counter-hand, the legs are tightly attached, and the legs are stretched on the ground. The abdomen is arched, and the head is naturally sag.


The legs are closely attached, sitting on the ground. The calf is straight and the foot is straight. The upper part of the body is naturally straight, and the front side, the arms raised to the top of the head!

LOOK2: Have a A4 waist, lose the bucket waist


I want to do a sweet Honey girl in this summer, you need to have a small waist, but when you put on the umbilical dress in the summer, you are the most embarrassing girl in the whole street. Today, Xiaobi teaches you a few tricks, doing beautiful people!

The random variant of the new moon, the right leg forward, the right foot pointed, the heel is lifted. The left leg face is attached to the ground, and the foot is holding a straight line with the leg plane. The upper half of the body is back, and the arms are stretched back from the body on both sides. The head is naturally behind.


This style is tested balanced, the left foot point, the heel is lifted, and the left leg can support the weight of the body. Right leg faces keep a straight line with the foot and extend forward. Keep parallel to the ground, the body is naturally straight, and the arms are bent from both sides of the body, the arms are straight. Finger is naturally curved.


Sitting on the ground, the left leg bend knees to the inside of the body, the right leg is raised to the air and the ground is vertical, the foot is straight and the leg is straight. After the body, the left arm is raised to the left arm to catch his right leg, the left arm is tapped on the left leg of the left leg.

LOOK3: Fiber arm, reflect your softness

I don’t know if you want to be a girl in your eyes, weaker Liu Fufeng, I don’t want to provoke him properly. This summer, there are more young couples on the street, reflecting their sweetness, little mission: I don’t envy, I only envy the little sister’s slender arm! Because of yoga, this summer, I am no longer lemon!

Wheel derivatives, legs and legs, and lift it with foots. Ten fingers separate the arms counter-hand. The calf portion is vertical and the upper leg portion is beaten, the hips are upward, and the head is naturally sag.

Single legs stand, the leg plane keeps a straight line without curvature, the left leg is raised to the air, the calf portion is bent to the inside of the body, and the body is onto the body. The left arm raises his own left foot. The right hand is trying to take your own right leg.

The legs are separated from 50 to the body on both sides of the body, and the thighs behind the knees are 90 degrees from the calf part. The heel is lifted. The body is naturally straight, and the hands are raised to the top of the head, and the hands together.

Lemon tree, lemon fruit, under lemon tree, you and me. The same as a child’s little mission means that life may encounter countless a beautiful years, but the lack is for the perfect, struggle to work hard. With yoga, we can beautiful!