That’s right, I am so fragrant again!


I always felt that autumn and winter fashion and fat trousers, and the wind -transmitted wide -leg pants had walls. As a result, I have been planted recently.

The combination of the two -thickened wide -leg pants


The advantages of both wide -leg pants and thick pants,

Keep warm and can modify your body

How rare for people who are afraid of cold and want to wear good -looking!

(Come to hold a claw with the same feeling)


Just take

In terms of body effect

, The legs are thick and wide, and the small belly is obvious.


Leg -shaped


You can get straight lines in seconds.


In terms of versatile, it is indeed not bad


Essence What coats and sweaters, sweaters, are all adapted.

The style can also be switched at will

, Easy to handle the commute wind


Even if you are not, even if the top is loose, the lower body can be kept warm and neat.


However, the cruel thing is,

The prerequisite to achieve these advantages is that you buy the right thing!


But the problem is that the turnover rate is too high!

Don’t pay attention, just

Splason embarrassing PP traces

; The version is not good, wearing a pair of autumn pants, wide -leg pants directly become tight pants.

So, a qualified autumn and winter wide -leg pants, at least

Good version, can cover meat but keep warm.

This is not the three requirements in my three requirements a few days ago.

Snowy wide leg pants

, Immediately come to share with the girls!


△ The little assistant was pulled out as a model haha

The version is very good in the wide -leg pants I bought, what to wear

Small curved legs and small thick legs immediately become slender.


△ She specially asked her to take a picture of Zhang Lu’s legs at home ~

The fabric is a very popular Snowy fabric this year

It feels like a cloud texture, and the skin feels super comfortable. It feels like wearing a walking blanket to go out.

There are two more colors to choose from, I bought it

Rice white is a proper versatile artifact

, Equipped on the upper body

Black super thin


, Close your eyes can be matched with all clothes in autumn and winter

The most favorite point for this pants is its version.


Although thick but the hanging sense thief is good

, The upper body is very included, unlike ordinary wide -leg pants, soft collapse, and it looks fatter.

The version is loose enough

, Hidden N strumps on it inside, and could not be seen at all.

The crotch is also very loose, without the feeling of tightness.


even though

Girl with thick thighs

You can also easily control it, and you will not stray like leggings.

If you wear pants often

Either fat or exposed leg shape


This can be blindly rushed!

The upper body is really super thin and straight legs

Of course, except for the version good,


Winter warmth is king!

This is also the point where this pants attract me.

Compared to ordinary corduroy, it

The vertical pits of the surface layer of the Snowy fabric are more close and delicate


It feels a lot of softness.


It is also doubled than ordinary pants


Because of thick and strong pendant, it also


Not easy to deform

, Even if you squat for a long time, you won’t be a drum.

I don’t believe you, I specially clamped it with a clip for more than ten minutes, and I was still smooth when I opened it.

And unlike other fabrics, it looks thick, but the warmth function is very ribbon.

The Snowy fabric can be converted into thermal energy by absorbing the water vapor in the air to form a thermal insulation layer, which means

The more warm!


A girl who is afraid of cold can really enter blindly

Not only the outer layer keeps warm and carrying the wind,


It still adds velvet inside

It is very comfortable to wear and not easy to static electricity. Don’t worry about it on your legs.

This is this

Very delicate fluff

, It’s super comfortable to touch, it feels like the baby’s autumn and winter quilt, haha ​​~

But also

Don’t worry, you will rub a small pants for small velvet hair




I deliberately rubbed it violently with autumn pants, and it was not sticky at all. The girl in the north can rest assured to wear a few pants in it haha ​​~

I am afraid of cold like me, in

The south is relying on this one to winter

It’s okay at all, don’t worry about your mother urging you to wear autumn pants

Not only are the version good and the fabric is warm,


It has nothing to do with body figure

The waist is HIN humanized loose band design


The elasticity is also very good, and there will be no tightness in the stomach of you.

Although it is high -waisted design, there is enough space because the hips have enough space,


The side will not show your stomach

It has two fixed lines in its loose band

, I won’t roll the trousers on the waist.


The length of the trousers is also very intimate


The one I bought is L code. Wearing the back of the foot 165cm is about the back of the foot.


As for girls above 165cm, probably there is

Ankle position

, Very neat length, not too short.



In addition to this beige, there are black ones

Both colors are very versatile, which can basically solve various collocation problems in autumn and winter.


The beige I bought is a warm tone, and the color is very soft and waxy. I like to use it myself

With the bright color top in the wardrobe.


It can weaken the visual impact and save a lot of bright colors with black bugs

, Can also add a little gentleness haha, it looks very good from the young sister of Korean ~

Including a lot of single -looking, it seems a bit monotonous white inner match, and you can also have one with it

Dress the same color,

It looks very textured at the moment of matching, and it is half more expensive haha.

And do not pick the color of the coat, as long as the color is softly matched, it will not appear obtrusive.

Can save more than half of the coat in the wardrobe ~

Black is also a must. It is not like some core velvet black pants, it is very reflective and a bit white, it is that kind

The dull luster is black, but it is high -end and versatile.

I usually feel

Simple sweater


, With tight pants to be fat, and jeans are too ordinary, you can use it to save,

Simply wear cool handsome feel and get to get immediately

The weather is slightly warm and can be paired with various sweaters and sweater.


The texture of the soft and collapsed top is matched with its stiff version


The overall match has the blessing of the line, and it seems more textured ~

And no matter what color knitwear can be matched.

The contrasting color can use it to balance the color ratio of the whole body, let alone solid color, anyway


Everyone is clear for black and versatile, just set up at will ~

I want versatile and warm in winter, this

Both colors can be blindly entered.

, It’s not wrong.

Simple two pairs of pants can

Solve the troubles of winter matching


, Save time and save a lot of time!