Someone in this world once said “Men’s Eight Chengdu is Stockings Control”


(Ghost: Who?)

And from the usual article cover, everyone can see that we are all in the same person.

But you love stockings, you don’t necessarily understand stockings

For example, there will be a brothers who take a astringent picture without asking me from my source but asking what stockings this is.

(Including ghost brothers)

So today I will give you popular science stockings.

Maybe some can help your future lucky life

Several precautions before starting


First of all, I will divide stockings into practical and sexy explanations

The rough difference is that the practical category is generally worn in daily life.

But it does not mean that the love is not available in daily life



In the end, I will only explain the type. I will not talk about the color of the color.

Digital D number of stockings

In order for everyone not to buy the wrong girlfriend, practical stockings

So I still talk about the D number of stockings, right?


First of all, the D number of stockings mainly represents its thickness and elasticity


Generally, the larger the D number, the thicker the stockings, the more difficult to tear (?)

The smaller the D number, the more transparent the stockings, the more transparent, and the theoretically more comfortable to wear

As for what weather wears, D numbers of stockings

I’m really hard to say this, because the climate change in each place and the cold resistance of each person are different.

But the whole table is for your reference only

Practical class

According to the production materials, stockings can be divided into


Current mainstream

Nylon stockings

(Cheap, smooth, comfortable, cool, but easy to smell)


Crystal stockings

(Good transparency but general feel)

Glass stockings

(Better transparency is better)


Core stockings

(Elastic feel transparent but easy to damage)

Velvet stockings

(Better elasticity is slightly more transparent, slightly worse, the price is slightly more expensive)

Raka stockings

(Good stretching, comfortable and expensive)

Tida stockings


(Good breathable comfort and elasticity)

Combed cotton stockings

(Desert anti -breathable comfort)

Silk cotton stockings

(Not easy to get wrinkled, the gloss feels good)

These gears, and these people who involve the material do not have the experience of it, can’t work hard

(Unable to display the difference with specific pictures)


And I believe everyone is not very interested, so I do n’t introduce it in detail. If you are interested, you can Baidu on Baidu

According to the length, stockings can be divided into

Almost these kinds


Because it is displayed on the back, there may be some errors in the specific location

So give you a few more pictures


Weibo:@微 微 微

Light (left) and socks (right)

PIX artist ID: 177784

Cross -knee socks (middle socks)

PIX artist ID: 23034


Weibo: @Sramy_ Volume



PIX artist ID: 465133

Is it clear that it can be distinguished ~


The rest is other stockings that can be worn in daily life


Fake knee socks (fake knee/stockings)

“The thighs are transparent and black below the knee. Looking at the same way from the knee, it is not too exposed.”

And he is essentially a pantyhose, which is simpler, the upper part (close to the thigh) is the skin color

The second half is other colors, which causes the girl to wear the illusion of over -knee/stockings

Stepping on foot stocks/dew socks

This kind of stockings are mainly changed on the feet


Mainly exposed part of the foot

The advantage of this is good breathability, which greatly reduces the probability of stinky feet

And because of exposing your feet, the extension of stockings will be better, and it will look thinner.

But after a long time, you may have discomfort


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(Too long also affects the perception)


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Let’s talk about the rest of the “interesting category” that the remaining you want to see next time.

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Current mainstream

Current mainstream


Current mainstream