Introduction to soap mold silicone materials

Soap mold silicone routine industrial grade 100: 2, or food grade 1: 1 silicone, the material passes the ROHS environmental protection inspection, FDA food grade contact certification is non -toxic and tasteless, good operation performance, tear resistance and contraction, and many times the number , And on -demand color, hardness, viscosity, operation time, solidification time, tornness, burning resistance, and so on. Welcome to consult and order ~

硅胶用途:用手工香皂翻模、水泥制品、石膏制品、树脂制品,碳纤维产品、聚氨酯产品、环氧树脂产品、手工蜡烛、汽车轮胎,大型雕像,建筑装饰,欧式构件、塑胶玩具,礼品文具, Multi -industry products such as artificial cultural stone and imitation jade home can also be used to make animal and plant models, food models, film and television props, etc.

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Silicone characteristics:

1. Silicone liquidity is good, can copy the details of the details, and the accuracy of the complexity is high;

2. Simple operation, manual or machine operation;

香皂翻模硅胶 食品级液体硅胶厂家 工艺品模具硅胶

3. Strong tear resistance and high elongation rate;

4. Industrial -grade contraction is less than 0.3%, and food grade contraction is lower than 0.1%;

5. There are many times, and the silicone molds are made without deformation;

Silicone operation:

Mold silicone is a dual -component liquid. The curing ratio is: group A is silicone, B is a curing agent. For example, 100 grams of silicone with 2 % curing agent is stirred well. (Food grade requires A and B to use 1: 1 ratio)

The mold opening method includes molding, brushing (filmmaking, stereo, plane mold), irrigation mold

Brush (chip mold): Generally, the three -layer formula is multi -layer according to the mold requirements, and the surface layer brushes is vacuum and brushes in place. The second layer of gauze, the third layer is then painted with silicone, so that it is solidified

Shelf life:

Under the condition of 25 ° C, it can be stored for 12 months without opening the packaging. It is recommended to use it within 6 months.

香皂翻模硅胶 食品级液体硅胶厂家 工艺品模具硅胶

Packaging specifications:

This product is packed in iron buckets or rubber barrels, with a specification of 25kg and 200kg. Users who buy the product for the first time can enjoy a sample of 5kg or 10kg packaging.

香皂翻模硅胶 食品级液体硅胶厂家 工艺品模具硅胶