Many people are not only satisfied with “brushing their teeth in the morning and evening”, and using mouthwash is also part of the image engineering.

Although it only stopped in the mouth, is the chemical composition in mouthwash really safe?

With questions, “Consumer Report” sent 10 popular mouthwash to third -party testing agencies.

Test products

Evaluation indicator

PH value, phthalate (plasticizer), risk substance prompts

International practice, first present a comprehensive evaluation

1. Nothing of all 18 dysentery of mouthwashing water was not detected, and it was excellent.


Li Shidlin, Bina, Sanjin, Shuta

The four product composition tables show the “ethanol” ingredients.


Bi Na, Ole B

Strong acidity may stimulate the mouth.

The 2 pH value is low, and the commonly used may hurt the mouth

Oral cavity is a rich area of ​​mucosa tissue, which is more sensitive to external stimuli. Choose a suitable mouthwash in PH, which can be closer to the oral environment gently and reduce the damage to the tooth tissue.


Standard “QB/T2945-2012 Oral Care Line” stipulates that the pH value of mouthwash should be between 3.0 ~ 10.5.

The test results show that the pH value of all mouthwash is within the scope of standard requirements.



Jiajieshi, Li Shidelin, Ole B, Bi Na

The four pH values ​​are only around 4. in


Smaller than 4, strong acidity.


It is worth mentioning that the oral environment of healthy adults is mostly 6.6 ~ 7.1. If long -term use of acidic mouthwash, it can make the acid -alkali in the mouth imbalance and unfavorable balance of the dental flora; the oral cavity is often in a too acidic environment, which can easily cause tooth decay, even cause dental loss, and damage to the oral mucosa.

People who have a sensitive mouth, or those with symptoms such as stomach acid reflux and stomach burning should avoid using strong acid mouthwash; even ordinary consumers should not be used frequently or for a long time.

So relatively speaking,

Black, Haole tooth, Shuke

The three pH values ​​are more appropriate. It is close to the oral environment of ordinary people. It is not easy to cause instantaneous stimulation when rinse.

Li Shidlin, Bi Na, Sanjin, Shuke alcohol

In addition to testing, “Consumer Report” also analyzed the composition of mouthwash.

There is still no clear conclusion internationally internationally internationally internationally. However, after using the wine to rinse, the acetaldehyde in the mouth saliva does increase. Therefore, mainstream opinions are not recommended for consumers with high frequency and composition tables for long -term use of alcoholic mouthwash; children and alcohol allergies should avoid using mouthwash containing this ingredient.

Read the composition table of 10 mouthwash,

Li Shidlin, Bina, Shuke


Sanjin Watermelon Cream

These 4 models contain ethanol (alcohol).



Li Shidlin, Bina

Ethanol ranks second, second only to water, with high concentration.

In addition, many mouthwash also adds some antibacterial ingredients, such as: chloribin (washing), siherazide (chloride hexishopylene), essential oils (eucalyptus oil, mint alcohol, water, water, water, water, water, water, water, water Salmonate) and so on.

Wash of my mouthwash involved in this evaluation, except

Li Shidelin

The essential oil antibacterial ingredients are used,

Black, Shike, Jiajieshi, Gao Loujie

The four are miral ammonium.

West -pyramamium has inhibited and killed a variety of oral pathogenic bacteria and non -pathogenic bacteria, including White Merrobacteria. Two times the mouthwash containing amophyllium ammonium is used, which can significantly reduce the number of bad breath and plaque and reduce the symptoms of gingivitis.

However, mirazide mouthwash may lead to some side effects, such as the color of the teeth, oral ulcers, burning cavity, and so on. Relatively speaking, it is not recommended to use it for time.

Wash use tips

1. Rinse of mouthwash containing antibacterial ingredients containing sisterium moridium should not be used for a long time. If you have oral problems, you should consult your doctor in time.

2. It is not recommended to use mouthwash under 6 years of age to avoid accidental swallowing.

3. Wash can not replace brushing and use dental floss, and can only be used as auxiliary tools for oral cleaning.

In the end, we must emphasize that the mouthwash has a certain irritation to the oral cavity, and it is not advisable to use it at high frequencies, and the mouthwash cannot treat the oral problem. It is best to consult the doctor’s opinion.


Bi Na, Ole B