The sewage pipelines of the kitchen are generally divided into these situations: accidentally falling into foreign bodies or installation errors during the installation of the new pipeline. Some are because the pipes will have scaling after a period of use, which will affect its normal water discharge. So, what should I do to dredge the kitchen pipeline? Let me introduce the specific introduction to dredging the kitchen pipeline tools and methods. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

Dredging the kitchen pipeline-Covering cause

Before the pipeline dredging, we must understand that the sewing pipe is blocked by what is the reason. Generally, the cause of the blocking pipes in the general situation is: the fluid substance in the pipeline is adopted on the wall of the pipes for a long time, which gradually becomes thinner in the middle channel in the pipeline, so that the pipeline itself will make the pipeline itself itself The chemical reaction with other substances gradually became thinner, and the pipeline was blocked slowly. The inflow pipes caused by foreign objects are blocked. This situation is easy to understand. East -west falls into the pipeline, and the pipeline caused by the pipeline is blocked. There are many reasons for pipeline blockage, so dredging should be carried out according to different situations when dredging of pipelines.

Dredging kitchen pipeline-water channel dredging agent

The water channel dredging agent in pipeline dredging is currently the most common pipeline dredging product in the market. It is more suitable for blocking caused by hair, paper, greasy objects, etc. in the sewage pipeline. , Basin, floor drain, bathtub, toilet, etc. Waterway dredging agent does not damage the pipeline during use and does not destroy the plating. When using, first remove the water in the washing basin or sanitary ware, pour 50-100g of the waterway dredging agent into the water pipe, and use a lot of water to irrigate with a large amount of water after about 20 minutes.

Dredging the kitchen pipe-hand shake spiral steel wire

疏通厨房管道工具及方法有哪些 疏通管道找对人不添“堵”

The more common tools in pipeline dredging are hand -shaking spiral steel wires. If the hair left by the hair left by bathing is blocked, you can only dredge from the floor drain and shake the hand -shaken spiral wire from the ground drain to the side of the ground leak to the side of the ground leak. Promote until you feel a foreign body, then pull it up and pull it up, and the blocking hair and other objects will spin on the spiral steel wire, and the pipeline dredging problem will be solved. It is more suitable for dredging the water pipeline of the bathroom, which is more convenient to use.

Dredging kitchen pipeline-soda powder and vinegar

疏通厨房管道工具及方法有哪些 疏通管道找对人不添“堵”

If it is blocked due to oil pollution in the pipeline dredging, it can be dredged with 20%soda water. It can also pour 1 cup of laundry powder into the blocked sewer pipe, and then pour 3 cups of hot water. If you can’t dredge the sewer, you can pour 1 cup of vinegar in it. Soda powder and vinegar are more suitable for use in the case where the following sewage pipeline is blocked slightly. If the sewer blockage is serious, then this method is not very practical. You can choose other more effective methods for dredging.

Dredging the kitchen pipe-other tools

There are many methods and tools in pipeline dredging, which can be selected according to the actual situation. If the sewer is made of a new type of PVC, you can use a vacuum pump to absorb the water on the top, and then fill the thick vinegar, alkali, industrial vinegar, industrial alkali, etc., but it should be noted that it must not be mixed at the same time. If it is an old iron pipe, For the material lagging pipe, you can try at most only the vinegar -level weak acid. After importing the object, it will be effective in about 3 hours.

Dredging kitchen pipeline tips

疏通厨房管道工具及方法有哪些 疏通管道找对人不添“堵”

Dredging the kitchen pipeline tips 1. First of all, pay attention to PVC or cast iron. Buy a 2 -meter pipeline dredge on the stall, make some bending at 2 cm at the head, put the water while putting in the water outlet into the dredging device, shake it and stretch it in the water inlet, and then extend the edge of the dredging device at the water inlet. Dredging the water by the water, it can be good several times, and at the same time, it should be dredged every week in the future.

If the professionals come, they can use the manual method first, do not pour water, or surround the pool to prevent water from splashing. Of course, other things have to be placed well. And you have to ensure dredging in a short period of time, otherwise the smell is great.

Dredging kitchen pipeline tips 2. Spring drills are more traditional and have a certain technical content. After all, modern tools are used. It feels similar to the principle of the drill bit used to make up the teeth, but there are certain restrictions, that is, there are more places to bend the tube, it is not easy to make it.

Tips for dredging the kitchen pipeline 3. Find a wire with a diameter of 0.5-1 mm, 3-4 meters long, fold from the middle, then twist it, and then bend the two heads in different directions, then put the two heads in different directions, then put the two heads in different directions. This head stretches into the sewer pipe, grab the other end, and twist in one direction while walking in the other. Dipping directly, some debris can be hooked out, and repeatedly can basically clear it several times. If your iron hook is not available, it is unobstructed, then the problem may not be your house. It may be blocked by the downstairs pipelines. Essence

Kitchen dredging the kitchen pipeline tips 4. Water in the sewer, pressing with a leather, and then referring to it, so as to form a certain pressure and twitching force, which may be flushed out of the blocked miscellaneous objects; however If it is too dead, I am afraid that only the snake -shaped tube can be used, and the wire mentioned above can be used, but this is both expensive and difficult to get it. It is best to find someone to clear it. , Selling in the supermarket, you can also try it.

Dredging the kitchen pipeline tips 5. Put a little yellow 蟮, or add some irritating things such as laundry powder or salt, and then cover the lid.

Dredging the kitchen pipeline tips 6. The green method of dredging the sewer: Pour 1 cup of laundry powder into the blocking sewer, and then pour 3 cups of hot water. If this cannot be dredged, pour 1 cup of vinegar in it.

Dredging the kitchen pipeline tips VII, round wood dredging the sewer method: We can find a round wooden stick that is about the same as the sewer pipe, insert it into the pipe, and then put a certain amount of water in the pool. Under the action of inhalation and pressure, the blocked dirt in the tube will be washed away.

Dredging the kitchen pipeline tips eight, high pressure, the sewer dredging this is what I think is the highest in technology. A air pressure bottle like oxygen cylinder (but much smaller), connects a 40cm metal nozzle. First injection of the blocked pipeline water to about 10cm away from the pipe port, put the metal nozzle into the pipeline, and seal the pipeline with a wet towel. Open the pressure switch and hear a crispy launch sound, the project is over.

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