What is the most important thing in winter clothing? Some people think it is



Some people pay more attention to the cultivation effect of clothing, but these points must be placed behind the warm effect.



It is not fashionable enough.

Coat wearing is the most classic warm and highly high fashion clothing style,

Winter coat

Don’t be afraid of too long, share it with you with 24 sets of matching methods, enough winter.

Don’t be afraid of short women, how do short people wear long coats? With this next half of the clothing, it is warm and fashionable.


Suitable for shorts ◇

The lower body clothing with high waist is suitable for short girls.

Blue high -waist jeans

With a black stripe top, the color contrast effect is obvious, the waistline is prominent, and the overall color is very refreshing.

Long coat

Short legs and handsome.

The aura displayed by the black long coat is very handsome, but with the brown clothing, the effect can be displayed much gentle. Brown clothing is more suitable for choosing skirts. For the gentle temperament, there is a gentle temperament.

great help.

Worried that ordinary high -waisted pants can not make your legs look very long.


It looks taller, and the aura is a little cute. The coat suitable for matching is dark green, younger and easy to get younger than black.

Warm match ◇


There are two most warm matching methods

, Choose a sweater or


, With the coat of the upper shoulder, warm and not fat.

There is also a plush jacket directly, and the plush coat will be even more



, The temperament is also young and gentle, but the clothing inside can only choose thinner, otherwise it is super easy



The color of the fluffy coat is generally tender, and the choice of clothing inside is the same

Color pattern

Just, you cannot directly match the entire color of the same color.

A sense of atmosphere ◇

Coat is also a kind of

Retro clothing style,

The popular design in the fashion industry is not short. As long as the matching clothing is high enough, it can show a very temperament

The sense of atmosphere.

It’s like choosing a fluffy coat. The sense of atmosphere is

Gentle and refreshing

, So the choice of pants is best to choose a jeans.

Too fat.

Wear dark brown coats directly, can put it

Big retro ancient,


With red and black striped trousers, the light color matching is very temperament. Like the brown coat, the checkered coat can display the gas field very retro, but the temperament is more refreshing and younger after being paired with a pink shirt.

More retro match ◇

Although the coat itself


However, the more retro is brown.

Mao woolen brown coat


The texture also looks high -level, and it will not look too young with jeans, but more retro and stable.


Retro match combination.

There are also retro -style designs with checkered, which will not be strange after the brown coat is combined. It will only be more literary.

Suit pants

It’s pretty good. Choosing white is worried that it is easy to show old.

Suitable for brown with black pants

The color coat is a casual style

The position of the shoulder has a large collar, and the display of the gas field is free and easy.

Leisure effect coat matching ◇

The impression of the coat to many people is


, Especially the design and tailoring are very simple. If you choose a non -positive style, it will completely compare

Casual style.

The collar design can cover the shoulders very suitable for matching

Short sleeve,

Showing the handsome and lazy temperament, the coat of the designs of the shoulder is more suitable to match the medium -length top, presenting

Lazy casual temperament,

It’s just a bit short.

The most classic matching clothing of the casual coat is knitwear, whether it is a tight -fitting sweater or a V -neck ordinary style knitwear, the temperament is

Gentle and relaxed

With a casual coat, it can help show the high level

Fashionable temperament.

Casual coat color

Unexpectedly less


Like brown, gray is very common, and the colorful coat is not practical. I don’t recommend everyone, the black coat is easier to wear

High -level sense

It is not easy to display

The feeling of leisure.


Black coat is more handsome and more advanced ◇

Black clothing is easier

Show handsome and generous aura

If it is a long clothing such as a coat, it will look more advanced and handsome, no matter what collar design is designed.

The aura displayed by the fluffy coat will be even more


Choose brown shoes when matching. Other pure black coats are ordinary, chose when matching

Blue brown and white pants can be done

With black pants with black pants.

With blue clothing is more young ◇

Common coats are common in winter


The fabric is very heavy, and the aura seems very advanced. When you are matching, you often like to match the same

Advanced clothing.

In fact, with blue clothing, it can not only be guaranteed

Advanced sense of clothing

, Also help to improve the refreshing effect. With jeans is the simplest and common matching technique, top

White and refreshing

Essence When paired with a blue top, choose white pants.