With the development of smartphones, the shredded screen has become a home for some users, but only the external screen is broken, there is no need to replace it without affecting the use? Xiaobian believes that for a full-screen mobile phone, the external screen is broken as soon as possible.


The specific reason includes the following points:

Unable to continue to protect the inner screen


The external screen of the phone typically uses a high hardness and wear resistant tempered glass, and its main role is to protect the touch screen and the display.

A complete external screen, when a certain point is hit by an external force, it can guide the power to the power to reduce the damage to the touch screen and the display. When the outside screen is broken, it lost the protection capability of the display and touch screen. In particular, the display of the OLED material is extremely easy to cause the inner screen leakage or touch line, which will also face higher maintenance costs not only affect the use.

Body sealing

The outer screen is usually starting from the corner, which is related to the shape of the phone.


After the outside angle is broken, the solid colloid for the bond screen and the border bracket begins to oxidize, and the adhesive ability will eventually lose the bondability over time, resulting in dust, liquid, and other substances into the interior of the mobile phone. The most common phenomenon has the light sensor and the sensor failure, the front shot is blurred, and the most serious situation will cause the entire screen to fall off.

Divine skin

After the external screen is broken, there is usually an irregular glass cut surface exposed. When operating the phone, whether it is a normal sliding screen, or the phone, it is possible to scratch the operator’s skin, especially the finger, cheeks, ears.


Most people choose to use the film to avoid this situation, but because the surface of the broken outer screen is not flat, the film is extremely easy to fall off, so the external screen is the correct processing method.


At present, some brand mobile phones have launched a single-lived screen service, relatively replacing the entire screen, and naturally save a lot from the cost part. Relatively mature separation technology, replacing the external screen has also become a skill that must be struggled, but it is still recommended to choose a brand after replacement of the external screen, only this can only get the quality of the original factory, avoid switching Sealing property is lowered or causing other functional failures