Cotton and linen clothes are loved by many people with their comfort and relaxation characteristics, and cotton and linen clothes are also very literary and artistic. It is a kind of feelings. Compared with traditional chemical fabrics, cotton and linen are combined with cotton and hemp, both soft and hard, and the comfort and design sense are perfectly combined.


So how to match the cotton and linen dress? Here are a few cotton and linen dress. I hope it will be helpful to you who are equally focused.


1. Retro improved cheongsam cotton and linen skirt

The round neck design is well -behaved and cute, release the charm of tranquility. With a cotton long skirt, it is the standard of the literary girl. The pleated skirt is elegant, casual, relaxed, and showing women’s purity and softness. The literary cotton and linen long skirt is added to the pastoral elements of the pastoral style, making the summer dress comfortable, fresh and elegant, and a light blue blouse, which is more layered to wear, making people feel casual and natural.

2. Korean version of literary and artistic Fan retro print dress


Putting on this dress is simply a kind of enjoyment. The color of gray and light red is so pure, just like the sea. Imagine a woman wearing a skirt on the beach of the sea, which must be a very wonderful scene. There is a thin belt in the middle of the waist of the dress, which is the role of a woman’s waist, which makes it look slim. It is very suitable for walking with a pair of flat sandals.


3. Pure color mid -length loose mid -sleeved dress


Why do cotton and linen mostly bias Chinese style? It is about its inadequate grasp of popularity and leisure, but in the dimension of Chinese style, it can be expressed. The combination of cotton and linen and silk, one side is delicate and delicate, and the gentleness of color is a bit of elegant temperament.

4.2020 new literary retro cotton cheongsam skirt

The good -looking cotton and linen skirts have their own literary functions. Although it is not a culprit label, they always connect the two together unconsciously. Fortunately, the colors of cotton and linen are getting richer and richer. Although literary and artistic, it is also a wonderful literature and art.

5. Cotton and linen breathable soft and comfortable dress

Regardless of whether it looks good or not, the first essence of cotton and linen is comfortable. In this face -to -face society, good -looking and comfortable is definitely no enemy. The plain dress shows the elegant visual effect of embroidery. Wearing good -looking cotton and linen skirts is to allow others to see simple and unique confidence.

6. Retro -deduction printing loose large size literary skirt

The brown -gray base dress is slightly mature, and the flower pattern above is relatively low -key, which conveys a strong ladylike fan. In the middle of the skirt, a tight waist effect is made, so that the whole skirt shows a very ladylike style. A large bow on the side of the skirt, as an embellishment, also enhances the overall feeling. The lower body fits the legs to modify the perfect figure.