Because of its natural texture, the wooden floor has a position that cannot be ignored in home decoration, but after all, it is made of wood, and some disadvantages are inevitable. As the solid wood flooring is not easy to maintain, and the price is relatively high, many families can only sigh. At present, in order to meet the needs of the audience, the production of wooden tiles is produced, not only the texture and color of the wooden floor, but also the price is more affordable. It is very suitable for families with ordinary economic conditions. How about imitation wood tiles? Presumably, it is also what many owners want to know, let’s understand together.

What is the imitation wood tile?

The imitation wood tiles are made of ceramic material and wood grain glaze technology. It is consistent with the texture of solid wood. The tile not only has the advantages of the tile itself, but also has the special nature of its process, but also has the attributes of wooden floors. Based on the characteristics of the two, imitation wooden tiles actually have realistic texture, but the touch does not belong to the wooden floor, which is also very comfortable.

Why choose imitation wood tiles?

Chinese traditions have wooden culture. Most of the ancient houses were built by wood, and barrels, pots, foods, etc. are mostly wood. And the wooden floor material is excellent, not only the aroma of the material, but also tough and tight, the touch is also warm in winter and cool in summer, which is very suitable for home furnishings. But solid wood flooring is not capable of being able to bear any family. Most families that can afford solid wood flooring are economically superior. So like some economic conditions, the owners of ordinary economic conditions can only find ways to pave for other flooring. In addition, wooden flooring is not necessarily natural and environmentally friendly, and composite wood flooring has hidden dangers of indoor pollution such as formaldehyde. It is in this context that people have turned their sights on imitation wood tiles.


The imitation wood tiles have the natural texture of woody products, and the texture is very close. It will not release pollution substances such as formaldehyde. The owner does not need to worry too much about indoor pollution problems, which invisibly closer the psychological distance with consumers.

What are the advantages of imitation wood tiles?

As we all know, wooden floors cannot be used normally in damp areas such as kitchen, bathroom and balcony, but in this regard, imitation wood tile flooring is not disadvantaged. It can be used in these areas with its excellent product performance, and there is no need to worry about worrying Whether it will be damaged or dirty. At this level, the imitation wood tile floor fully exerts the personality of the interior decoration, and the owner can freely enjoy the fun of the decoration.


In addition, what are the characteristics of imitation wood tiles? It also summarizes it for everyone, as shown below:

① When laying it, you can do not need to be paved with cement mortar.

② The imitation wood tiles have very realistic tile joints and metal visual effects, which will be simpler than the seams.

③ The impact of its surface is consistent with the European standard EN13329 and AC4 commercial standards, with good abrasion resistance and convenient maintenance and cleaning.

④ The wooden surface of the surface of the wooden tile is gentle, and the characteristics of the traditional tiles have been improved. Even if you walk on it, there is no coolness.

⑤ There is no difference between the structure and the wooden floor, the balanced transition processing, and the visual and effectiveness are also very perfect.

How about imitation wood tiles? This is still calculated by consumers after all. Now use and popularize, and the response is not bad. Presumably everyone feels more satisfied. For owners with insufficient budget, try it.

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