At the just -concluded alchemy conference, Xiao Yan used three flames to make three -line green spirit Dan, and eventually won the conference champion with absolute advantages. It is “enough to be comparable to the peak of the five grades”, and there may be friends here to be puzzled, that is, enough to be comparable to the peak of Wupin.


Just look at the lower limit

Regarding this problem, I think it should be combined with its own particularity. The three -line green spirit dan is just one line, it is just a four -product elixir, it will be considered comparable to the five grades, three -lines when the two -patterns are comparable. Naturally, the peak of the five grades.


For each line, its value will double.

Because most of the pharmacists usually have only one kind of flame, the two lines on the market are rare, and the three -lines are more like a legend. Therefore, the positioning of it on the market is just the four pins,

Instead of subdivating the grade of elixir according to the lines. We can analogize the “Emperor Yin Jue” and “Five Rounds Leave Fire” in the heavenly steps wearing the ground outer skin.

Regarding the five -colored Danxiang, I think this is just the most intuitive way to position the Dan drug -grade level. No, but none of them would think that his elixir was worse than Dan’s obstacle.


Because everyone who knows understands how rare and the increase in the three -line green spirit is.


The animation judges the victory and defeat of the two, and it feels too scribbled to me. The special effects are done in a flat and autumn. However, after Xiao Yan took out the elixir, Yanli completely broke the defense, making it like the elixir of Yanli. Can’t get on the table at all.

Even if Fama and others can see the gap between the two, it does not mean that the audience can see that after all, the audience does not need professional, but it is more about Tu Yile. So the audience started celebrating before they knew the results, which was amazing.

Strong contrast

The efficacy of Zixin Break Dan is very similar to the three -line Qingling Dan. It is also directly enhanced the strength of the practitioner, so it can be easily separated from the comparison.

Zixin Broken Dan can only act on the realm of the big fighting division and can only increase one star, but the advantage is that it can be taken twice in a row.

The three -line green spirit Dan can directly act in the realm of the fighting artist. Fama said that ordinary three -line green spirit Dan can help the fighter directly become a big fighting division. I think this statement is very exaggerated.

Because of his words, there is no explanation of the fighter as a star fighter. If there is no difference, then I have just entered the realm of the fighter, and I ate a three -line green spirit. I am very lucky.


This is obviously unlikely,

In fact, Xiao Yan ate the highest -quality three -line green spirit Dan, which only enhanced three stars, and then broke through to become a big fighting division. It is worth mentioning that even if the big fight is taken, the effect is the same,


Therefore, in the case of the realm of the big fighting division, the three -line green spirit Dan is already better than the purple heart breaking the obstacle, not to mention it can also act on the realm of the fighting artist, and it is better than the purple heart. It should be a small level.


Although it is also a four -product elixir, there are very few pharmacists who can refine the three -patterned green spirit in the world. As the saying goes, it is rare and expensive. The highest level, the victory of the contest is also revealed.


Everyone thinks anyone on the mainland can make the highest -grade three -line green spirit Dan? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area ~