As soon as you enter the autumn and winter, the streets are full of Martin boots. Although the Martin boots are really fashionable, the same style, the situation of “hitting shoes” a few steps is really embarrassing.

If you want to walk with the wind, go out of confidence and personality, a pair of good shoes is essential. This winter, try the exquisite and elegant “square boots”, get rid of the embarrassment of hitting shoes, and wear retro fashion.

Shoes can reflect a person’s aesthetics and taste. The clear edges and corners of the square boots make it not only have a retro atmosphere and a modern sense of lines. It is a good choice for autumn and winter. The change of style makes the matching not too laborious. Regardless of whether it is matched with skirts or pants, square boots can always wear a calm and high -level sense of fashion.

1. Careful thinking about the selection of square boots

The most afraid of autumn and winter boots is too bulky, as well as square boots.

⑴ Flat head is lighter

Flat square boots

It can avoid the consistent sense of leather boots, and fully show the lazy and elegant side of women.

⑵ Mid -middle and more comfortable

The most suitable for square boots is

Design of low -heel heel

Essence Such heels are balanced and comfortable. The design of the middle and low heels will not be too publicized, so that the upper will maintain sufficient ductility and

Keep the lines of the boots to the greatest extent

Essence The appropriate and high enables can also retain the slender part of the body in a heavy situation, and it is also high and high.


■ Rough heel square boots

The rough rear -heeled upper toe, the sense of age is stronger, is a good choice for retro wear. The steady heel also increases the overall comfort.


■ Fine heel square boots

Different from the retro of the thick heel boots, the elegant and exquisiteness brought by the heel is compared with the retro sense of Founder, and it collides with a different kind of spark. The slender heel highlights the righteous and corner lines of the head of the head, highlights the skin of the ankle, and uses the calf lines with a modification.

The appropriate boot head edges and corners

The ribs of the square boots are different, and the style and temperament shows differently:


• Elges and corners are round: a sense of retro;

• Vibrant edges: sharp, modern, handsome;

• Points with a point: elegance and feminine.

质 质 材 ⑷ ⑷ ⑷ ⑷ ⑷

Most leather boots have a certain sense of gloss, which can magnify the handsome of square boots. The tough neutral personality elements are very suitable for other elements in the same winter.

皮 The matte suede material is strong, and it looks very warm;

The reflective patent leather material is handsome, but only suitable for short boots with small area;

于 The most suitable is the brilliant facial leather with a little gloss. It does not collapse and will not be too dazzling.

Second, the neat and stylish combination

Point 1: Next

Compared with round heads and pointed heads, the lines of square boots are clear and obvious, and the entire upper is exposed to the greatest extent, so that it is not easy to produce a sense of bulky.


TIPS1 -Nine points: Keeping warm and sharp

The nine -point length is just exposed to a relatively complete ankle line, which portrayed the slimness and can cover the skin to a large extent. It can be described as warm and neat.

Whether it is paired with short boots or stuffing the trousers into the middle boots, the length of the nine points is enough to show the entire upper. Ensure the ductility of the upper, naturally you can stretch your legs visually.

TIPS2 —— Different leg type mix


The length of the boots has different degrees of modification of different leg types, and uses a reasonable combination to maximize the effect of modification.

阔 Things thick: wide -leg pants+square boots

The best choice of thighs and width of the fake hoe is of course wide -leg pants. The loose pants tube cover the fat of the thighs strictly. Match

Narrow boots with square head boots

In contrast to the loose pants legs, emphasizing the slender ankle lines, and the thin and handsome temperament is reflected.


The most afraid of wide -leg pants is to emphasize looseness. In fact, the size of the legs, as long as there is enough to stay at the back of the upper body. and

Design of straight tube

It will not make the pants tube wider and wider, very procrastinating, and the comparison of tightness is too strong, but it will appear uncoordinated.

喇Ar thick legs: micro -pants+square boots

The characteristic of flared pants is the version that spread outward from the knee. The wider trousers are enough to block the thick legs of the flesh. The slightly spicy style avoids the sinking of the center of gravity, low -key retro.


Slit micro -trousers

It also retains more breathing space for the calf.

Match with the square head boots with narrow boots, the retro charm is strong,


The sense of slenderness and hierarchy under comparison are also obvious


短 短 短 ⒊ ⒊ ⒊: Short/tightly loaded+knight boots


The neat and stylish square knight boots enhance the handsomeness. The straight boots design can modify the less serious leg shape.

i match shorters: pay attention to keep a certain leg and leave white

Keep a sense of lightness and sharpness.


Match tightly outfit:


Of course, the tight pants tube must be matched

Founded Knight Boots of Wide Boot mouth

Only the layered sense of relaxation.

TIPS3 -Extension of the same color system

The extension of the same color system can show a sense of sharpness to a large extent.

收 Black extension: shrinking and thinning, versatile do not pick people;

白 White extension: white brightness, slight expansion, is important to choose the right bottom outfit;

延 Earth color system extension: wide range, strong selectivity, strong atmosphere.

Key points: Pretending

The lines of square boots are obvious, and the style tends to be handsome. The upper dress, especially the jacket, needs to be stylish, so that the upper and lower is balanced.

质 Material with hardness

There is a certain hardness material to ensure that the upper body is stylish, such as suit fabrics, woolen fabrics, etc.

㈡ Clear shoulder line


Clear shoulder lines are the embodiment of lines and one of the judgment criteria for editions. The upper body of the positive shoulder -style jacket is enough to modify the neck lines.

For people with shoulder width, the shoulder -shaped shoulder line can visually achieve the effect of “shoulder shrinking” and modify the head and shoulder ratio. However, the big falling shoulder will obviously make the upper body soft, and it becomes heavy, and it is not desirable.

㈢ Refuse the low neckline

The larger neckline can indeed modify the shoulder and neck lines to avoid too dull. The neckline is too low, which will also lead to the downward movement of the visual center of gravity, making the whole procrastination and increased bloating.

The reasonable neckline should be above the waistline.


Focus 3: Reasonable and clear waistline


Reasonable and clear waistline is also the key to maintaining a neat square boot. The obvious portable waistline can also echo the lines of the line boots.


■ Lumbar line position: a little bit above the navel.

■ The way to shape the waistline is also diverse:

• Choose a single product with its own waistline: such as short upper installation;

• Simple artificially artificial waist lines such as plug -in horn;

• Accessories Assistance: Belt, underarm bag, chest bag, etc.


Really fashionable, how can we ignore shoes? Confidence and fashionable sense of fashion, one and both sides can help you achieve ~