According to the British Independence, according to the survey, due to the joining of the two new aid Schiminteig and Memphis Depe, Manchester United occupied the leading position in the team sales.

England Captain Runi has remained at the top of the jersey best -selling list in recent years. Although his jersey was more popular last year, he still lags behind his two new teammates. Statistical data comes from Kitbag, a retailer of online sports F clothing.

The following is the top 10 players in the 2015 jersey sales list:

1. Messi (Barcelona)

2.C Luo (Real Madrid)

3. Memphis (Manchester United)


4. Schweinsteig (Manchester United)

5. Azar (Chelsea)

6. Rooney (Manchester United)

7. Neymar (Barcelona)

8. Aguero (Manchester City)

9. Sanchez (Arsenal)

10. Coutinho (Liverpool)

Manchester United supporters like Van Galle’s two guidances in summer -Schweinsteiger and Memphis, they squeezed into the top four sales list in one fell swoop. The World Cup champion Shi Weiyin Schitig’s jersey sales rose by 27, and the number of jerseys increased amazing 795%.

Although the performance is still unwilling, the jersey sales last year were not the top ten Dutch forward Memphis, which was squeezed into the third place in one fell swoop, second only to two giants Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

The sales of jerseys of Di Maria and Falcao, who had just left the team, encountered Waterloo. Falcok’s sales decreased by 94%. To a hundred.