The kitchen is small, don’t be too full, be a “subtraction”, abandon the drawer or the floor cabinet, but more better ~


I really want to say what is dissatisfied with my home kitchen, that is, the cabinet is too strong, I didn’t think of the right to leave, replaced the drawer with a basket, saving money, two is practical, the benefits are absolutely a lot!


The people who have been installed, there are counts in my heart, and a drawer has more 200 pieces, but it is better to leave the floor cabinet to leave the floor. The tile basket is replaced, and it has the convenience of drawers.


More importantly, there is a basket, and the dragons don’t worry, especially the ground is the floor tile, and dragging directly with the mop.

The above is a lazy practice, I really want to use well, it is best to add a layer of drainage board below, and the water that is usually gathered directly to the drainage board, and I will take it out regularly.


Usually washed the tableware, pot, etc.

Open flaw basket, more or less there will be some shadish dust problems, mind this, individuals more suggested on the basis of the above, mainly equipped with a cabinet door, mainly the following:

● Closed, not easy to ash, very suitable for long-term storage

● It is not easy to contaminate the kitchen fume, and we can weaken a lot in the future.


PS: After the basket is installed, it is not convenient to change the height. It is necessary to plan to place the items in advance. It is generally preferred to stay at the distance, and do not leave too low. If you don’t use it, you can use the telescopic hanging rod appropriately.


Some families will also consider reserving the kick or drawer at the bottom layer of the drawer drawer, which is adjusted according to personal needs.

If you don’t worry, you have no need to install the door.


In addition to the basket, we can also consider other use of drawers, such as:

→ Pumping board


Local use, generally stay 2, 3 pumping, do open or closed use, in addition to the convenience of getting the place, but also special small household appliance storage areas, but pay attention to the choice of support and hardware.

Below these two different uses, give you a reference:

→ Small cart

The biggest advantage of small carts is the power of mobility, replacing the drawer, keeping the land cabinet, can meet a variety of functions, and a few will use the metal basket.

→ Plastic box


The same truth, the plastic box can also be used in place of the kitchen drawer, even some of them can be installed, worried that the smoke and dust problems are directly changed.

Even if you don’t have it, you can also consider leave your trash can and avoid occupying a dozen. What do you think?