What is flat welding Frank?

Speaking of Frank, I believe everyone is familiar with it, and it is used for connection between the tube end, shaft and shaft. According to the different flange materials, flanges can be divided into carbon steel flanges, alloy flanges and stainless steel flange. So, do you know about flat welding Frank? Do you know the characteristics and principles of flat welding Frank? Then, I will talk to everyone about the flat welding Frank.

Flat welding flank, also known as welding flavor, refers to flanges connected to the container or pipeline. The connection between the flat welding flavor and the pipe is an appropriate position that inserts the pipes into the flange hole, and then overlap Welding.

1. The characteristics of flat welding flange

First of all, the flat welding Frank not only saves space and weight, but also ensures that the joints are not leaking, and they have good sealing performance. By reducing the diameter of the seal to reduce the size of the compact flange, thereby reducing the section of the seal surface.

Secondly, use a sealing ring instead of flanges to ensure that the sealing surface matches the cover. In this way, the sealing surface can be compressed with only a small amount of pressure. As the required pressure decreases, the size and number of bolts are reduced accordingly. To this end, a new product with a small size and light weight (70 % -80 % less than traditional flanges) is designed.

Therefore, flat welding flank is a relatively good flange product, which reduces the quality and space of flange and plays an important role in industrial applications.

Second, the principle of sealing of flat welding flange

The two seals of the bolt squeezing flange pads are sealed, but this will also cause damage to the seal. In order to keep the seal, it must maintain huge bolt power. Therefore, the bolts should be larger. Large nuts, which means that a larger diameter bolt is a tight nut that needs to create conditions. However, the larger the diameter of the bolt, the better, because the larger the diameter of the bolt, the appropriate flange will bend, which can only increase the wall thickness of the flange. The entire device needs a large size and weight. This has become a marine environment. A special problem, because in this case, the weight has always been a major concern. In addition, the flat welding flame is an failure seal that requires 50 % bolt load to squeeze the pads. pressure.

Third, the application of flat welding flange

Flat welding Frank has the advantages of convenient installation and low cost, so it has been widely used. Flat welding Franland is suitable for low pressure levels, small pressure fluctuations, and small vibration pipeline systems.

The above is the relevant content of the flat welding flange with you. I hope that through the above content, everyone can have a better understanding and understanding of the flat welding flank.

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