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Creative position statement:

All strategy for electronic driving license application

With the gradual popularization of electronic documents in the country, more and more documents have been electronic, and no longer need to carry it with you!

Some often used certificates, such as driving partners, have to carry their driver’s licenses. These documents are either put in the wallet or put a piece with a wallet.

If you do n’t lose anything, you do n’t lose all. It ’s inconvenient to make up. Do n’t be too convenient to have an electronic version of the documents. It is definitely a careless nemesis and the gospel of Ma Daha.

Previously, there were the first batch of 28 cities, and the second batch of 110 cities opened the application for electronic driving licenses, and experienced the convenience of electronic driving licenses in advance.

The Ministry of Public Security’s Transportation Administration announced on December 2nd “National Traffic Safety Day”:

In order to better profit -making enterprises, since December 10th, the electronicization of driving licenses, second -hand car trading registration, “traffic management 12123” APP issuance of van electronic pass code, and traffic accident evidence materials will be fully implemented across the country.

Now that you have comprehensively implemented the electronic driving license in the country, with an electronic driver’s license, even if you really forget to bring your book when driving, you don’t have to panic. It’s not unlicensed.

The electronic driver’s license is issued through the national unified “Traffic Management 12123” APP application. Partners with a driver’s license can log in to the “Traffic Management 12123” APP and apply for an electronic driver’s license according to the prompt process. Electronic driver’s licenses are effective nationwide, and use the traffic management business and acceptance of law enforcement inspections.

Open the “Traffic Management 12123” and complete the registration login.

Click “Driver’s License” to select the electronic version of the driver’s license.

When applying for the electronic version of the driver’s license for the first time, photos will be used directly to generate photos. After successful application, you can choose to replace the photo.

Just submit the application.

After receiving the successful text message, you can go directly to the “Traffic Management 12123” APP.

You need to pay special attention ⚠️ Except for friends who do not have a driver’s license, some special circumstances are temporarily missed the electronic driver’s license.

Electronic driver’s licenses are effective nationwide, and can be displayed in the scenarios such as pavement inspection, illegal handling, accident handling, driving license business, car rental, insurance processing, and driving qualification certificate.

Therefore, the driver of a motor vehicle who has successfully applied for an electronic driver’s license to go to the country and accept the pavement inspection in accordance with regulations.

But the screenshot is not wide! The electronic driver’s license must be displayed on the “Traffic Management 12123” APP.

Because the mobile phone cannot log in to the “Traffic Management 12123” APP, it cannot be displayed, and screenshots are not allowed.

When applying for the electronic version of the driver’s license for the first time, the photo is the direct information system to keep the photo. Photo! Due to various reasons, many people are dissatisfied with the original photos. Some friends estimate that no one can see the driver’s license except the traffic police.

Before and after the application of the electronic driver’s license, you can choose to replace the photo again.

1. For those who have not reserved, the “Traffic Management 12123” APP will prompt the applicant to submit electronic photos through a mobile phone to take a picture or album selection.

2. If you have applied for an electronic driver’s license, the applicant can voluntarily choose to replace the electronic photo through the way to take a picture of the “Traffic Management 12123” APP mobile phone.

The photo needs to meet the following requirements:

“Traffic Management 12123” APP, some functions are still very powerful. For example, update the electronic driver’s license photo, and when selecting the photo, support the iOS’s own album search function. This function of even WeChat and Weibo uploading photos does not support this feature.