In the eyes of many partners, down vests are a single product that is not very useful. Indeed, due to a sleeveless design, the down vest must pay great attention to the combination when facing low temperature weather, and it can not be used when the temperature is high. It seems that very versatile items have left a matching problem, so those who can wear it have a certain match.

In the same beauty, down vests are not recognized too much, and it is even called “full of earthy flavor”, so its appearance rate is relatively low.

However, in the fashion circle, there are still many trendy experts using down vests to create a dazzling shape. Even in the face of some unique items, they can make the shape more clear through careful matching.

How can down vests be available?

In fact, if you can wear it, down vests can also play its advantages. You can use the weather to wear or wear inside or outside. The layering of the shape will be very good. This is also a major feature of the down vest.

1. Match the same color system, pay attention to the overall sense of shape

In the same color matching, black is the best color that is best controlled, so partners can try boldly. However, it should be noted that the monotonicity of the shape is. At this time, there is the addition of down vests. The shape is very layered through the items and stacked treatment of single product materials and stacking.

The black down jacket is paired with a hat shirt. The two items are two in one. It looks like a whole, but the comparison of the material adds the point of view of the shape.

Even if you choose the contrasting color, the color of the vest and the overall color must be coordinated. The pluge vests designed by the military green and black stitching are not only uniform, but also rich in the shape, and easily wear the trend.

In this set of gray outdoor sports style, with a trendy down vest, the overall fashion is immediately increased. The style is not only very harmonious in style, but also becomes richer and more durable through this color matching.

Similarly, this group of neighboring colors is also very complete. Although this gray down vest alone is not outstanding, after the overall color combination, the shape becomes much more exquisite. Such a leisure style is very suitable for daily commuting.

2. The way of stacking makes the shape richer

In the winter match, stacking is a good way, and the collocation of down vests looks very simple to match. No matter what jacket is used, the characteristics of stacking are very prominent.

① The combination of “inner long and outside”

With a medium -length jacket in the short down vest, the characteristics of “inner long and outside” are very clear, so that the matching processing makes the styling layered increase.

Using down vests with coats, the shape breaks the traditional simple and atmospheric style, making the shape more younger, and also increases warmth to the shape, which is very suitable for a combination of winter.

② With a hat shirt trend and practical

In the shape of the down vest, the addition of a hoodie will appear more age -reducing, and such a combination is also easy to control, and you can control it without outstanding bodies.

If you want to make the shape more fashionable and changeable at this time, you can make full use of the characteristics of the pants, and through the combination of different styles to make the shape create a diversified charm.

The lamb hairy hoodie is matched with down vest vests and workers, and the shape is very artistic. The vest and pants are both black, so that the choice of hoodie is more versatile.

The upper body down vest and hoodie choose black and white, so the color and style selection of the pants will change the overall effect. With a simple khaki pants, the shape looks atmospheric and fashionable, and the overall color looks very comfortable.

It is more energetic when matching the whole sportswear. This combination is very suitable for daily leisure. It is fashionable and versatile without picking people. As long as the overall hue is controlled, the shape will generally not step on the mine. Therefore, wearing down vests according to this combination can not only get rid of the smell of earth, but also change the tide man in seconds.

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