As a new urban woman who follows the fashion trend, handbags have always been the next item that is always missing in the fashion ladies’ wardrobe. Different bags represent different exquisite, different pursuit, and different attitudes of life. They will always look like Pandora’s magic box attracts the attention of women, becoming an indispensable secret weapon for their “concave shape”. I believe that this summer, the mini handbags of the fire and the fashionable Totbag will lead us into a new fashion world.

Look1. Practical single model

This bag is from the well -known design brand Louis Vuitton LOCKME mini -shoulder bag. The soft calfskin is made of tailor -made, with a capacity of full capacity and a small size. It can be changed to both shoulders, but also adjusting the package to fashionable cross -span, which can meet the needs of different occasions. The light -colored combination looks more concise and dazzling. It is an ideal fashion item this season.

This gray tone with red irregular network stripes comes from the Italian fashion brand Pratesi. The main body of the gray tone is very suitable for young white -collar workers. Fine red irregular network stripes make the bag the overall look more fashionable and more mature. The ginger bag design is very harmonious with the red stripes. It reflects the capable of white -collar workers. The Pratesi brand has always adhered to the family’s unique dyeing technology. In terms of saturation, natural degrees or falling off, it can stand the test of time.

Look2. Iron T Totbag

This bag is a black and white printed calf leather flip handbag from Dior Dior. The contrasting color of the black and white lattice gives people a young and stylish atmosphere. The front of the bag is matched with simple handlers and retro silver metal accessories, which brings both convenience and not unique design. The shoulder strap is dotted with black smooth calf leather details, but it can also be hand -back or obliquely, which greatly meets the backpack habits of people of different styles.

This is a men’s pocket from the Italian fashion brand Valentino. The seemingly simple bag lines are simple and sharp, the bag is more three -dimensional and tough, and the four letters printed on the bag are also very simple. With white T, jeans show both the simple and fashionable atmosphere of men and full of men.

Also from Dior’s saddling cowboy to lift the shoulder bag. The saddle bag on the Dior show this year has swept again, which is more fashionable and versatile for the design of the bull -to -bull design that is more rare than the pattern. The design of the metal chain and logo can also highlight the personality. The temperament interpretation.

Look3. Pig bag

This bag also comes from Dior Dior. The main body of the bag is irregular shape, which is both unique and very small and exquisite. The red, yellow, and green jump -colored stripe design makes the bag look very vibrant. It is also full of vitality in the autumn day of Xiao Se. The design of the bag belt with the metal chain connecting striped stripes is also very designed.

This black handbag looks very small and exquisite at first glance. Black gives a noble and elegant feeling. The most eye -catching is the design of the black bow lace. It is full of girly atmosphere. Essence I believe it must be a preferred bag for young women shopping and travel.

This is a bag from INCA, which is also a very popular bag this year. Because of its shape that looks like a piglet’s nose, it has a cute nickname- “Pig Bag”. The contrasting color of black and red is very fashionable. The design of the metal ring makes the whole look more novel and unique, highlighting the fashion and independent impression of urban women.

This bag comes from DORIS’s spring and summer new bow saddle bag. This season’s street shooting main hit color saddle bag is easy to be circled by its fashionable contrasting color design. The lightweight saddle bag has always been more practical and generous in many styles. The material is soft cowhide. At the overlap of the jack, the dual -car line is sewn and the bottom side of the stitching reflux. This bag is changed to usual, which can make people fall in love at a glance.

This year can be described as a hot year of “Pig Bun”. Unlike the traditional focus of cute vitality, this package is eager to integrate modern craftsmanship with fashion tastes, and the sophisticated space and pattern beauty are also very eye -catching. The color of the bronze has forged a female capable image. This bag also stood out among many bags and occupied a place in the fashion bag industry.

Today, the hottest crossbody bag, the color is the focus, the strap is the biggest feature