Why should the robot fence use the anti -arc light

The arc -proof light robotic fence is generally made of galvanized material. The main framework is all galvanized and assembled, but there are more materials on the baffle part: there are mesh grids, PVC plates, organic glass, organic glass There are aluminum plates and arc -proof light plates. Today, let’s analyze why the robot fence baffle chooses the anti -arc light board?

The arc -proof light robot fence is specially specially protected by infrared light and laser. Many robots work are special types of work related to infrared and laser, such as laser welding, infrared lighting, etc. Such an ordinary galvanized fence cannot meet the demand, which will cause damage to personnel. Using arc -proof light boards can be isolated inside and outside the field, the damage of light isolation, and creating a safe and healthy working environment.

Product characteristics: The thermal and plastic process is adopted, the coating is uniform and plump, the color is soft and gorgeous, and it has good insulation, weather resistance, no maintenance, decorative and good protection.

In fact, not only industrial robots need to have such working environments such as infrared rays, laser and other working environments. The analysis of Xiaobian is over here, follow me to take you more.

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