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Solid wood hanger landing flood cap frame

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The most suitable specifications, in general, different floor hanger specifications will also be different. Everyone selects specifications according to their own needs!

A solid wood cloak rack, the size of the floor -to -ceiling hanger is suitable for a solid wood cloak frame.

The specifications of wooden hams and landing hams are 1.

A modern and minimalist -style floor -to -ceiling hanger with a slightly larger specifications of the floor -to -ceiling hanger. Because this landing hanger is a semi -circular shape, its specifications are large. Although this shape is larger than the specifications of the floor -to -ceiling hanger above, it can absorb more clothes. Such a specified cloakroom is placed at the door of the house. When you go home, pull your coat up to avoid being folded or placed on the sofa to cause folds. This semi -arc -shaped floor -to -ceiling hanger also has a pulley in design. Even if it is covered with clothes, it is very convenient and convenient to move. The specifications of this hanger are 60 cm*40 cm*176 cm.

Wooden hanger landing hanger specification 2.

Next, I will introduce the specifications of this landing hanger. The specifications of this floor -to -ceiling frame are slightly larger than the previous one. The specifications of this landing hanger are 51cm*51cm*180cm. This hat rack is suitable for the bedroom and can be placed in a corner not far from bed. The floor -to -floor hangers are made of high -quality hardwood and solid solid wood, so that this landing hanger has strong carrying capacity. This kind of landing hanger is designed and produced in different places. Let everyone look at this floor -to -ceiling hanger. Although the size is small, they can hang a lot of clothes that are different.

The specifications of the wooden hanger landing hanger are 3.

Generally speaking, the size of the hat rack is the same, especially the height of the hat rack, and the size of the hat rack is different due to the style. The specifications of landing hanger used in the family depends on personal preferences and the actual situation of users. As shown in the figure, the model uses iron to make landing hanger. This monochrome white floor -to -ceiling hanger, as well as the top and supporting feet of smooth arc lines, perfectly display the European style. A few hooks above are designed with some clothes that are usually wearing, and the middle shape can be used to be used to hook some clothes that are more likely to be wrinkled and less beautiful, and can be used at the same time. The specifications of this landing hanger are 30 cm*40 cm*170 cm.

The specifications of the wooden hanger landing hanger are 4.

Simple brackets constitute this landing cap with European -style wardrobe effects. This simple floor -to -ceiling hanger is made of iron, and the simple shape reflects modern simplicity and fashion, adding a bit of idyllic at home. This floor -to -ceiling hanger uses an iron casting, the bracket is firm, it is not easy to deform, and it is used for a long time. The specifications of this landing rack are 1200mm*470mm*1650mm (side hanging). The specifications and design of this floor -to -ceiling rack are very practical, and a simple landing hanger can make you feel exotic.

The specifications of the wooden hanger landing hanger are 5.

It is hard to say how suitable the specifications of the landing hanger. It is really hard to say that the specific specifications of the landing hanger must also be determined according to the actual situation at home. Generally, the specifications of the floor-to-ceiling hanger are basically 170cm-180cm. The height of this can hang longer clothes without falling to the ground, and it will not be considered too high and cannot be hooked. Here, I will introduce the editor of the floor -to -ceiling hanger specifications. If you want to know more about this, you can have our official website. I have more understanding of furniture on the website, which can bring you more gains and make your life more comfortable and beautiful.

The specifications of solid wood landing caps, the specifications of solid wood landing caps are not static, there are many styles, and there are many specifications. In this It is more popular, everyone will configure it because it is relatively easy to use,

Introduce here, if you want to see which one will be designed.

Solid wood hanger landing flood cap frame

Solid wood hanger landing flood cap frame