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Since the winter, countless readers have broadcast leggings. In fact, I have written about how to buy leggings and brand recommendations.

Just some time ago,


The grass -sized family’s grass number “only one grass every day” has been made of a big evaluation, and a total of

I measured 14 leggings

Intersection The grass team in those days is

The studio conducts various experiments and photos, attracting a lot of assistants to watch.

Last year, the team came to the new member of the 95th beauty madness. She specifically shared the knowledge of beauty and skin care, and occasionally made an evaluation. Give her the microphone today, I believe that you will gain after reading it!

Dark leggings can be said to be a must -have in winter. It is definitely not afraid of wearing a “prosthetic limb”, and it is thick, and the dark -colored effects have skinny legs ~

This time I evaluated 14 leggings in one breath, in a certain treasure


Can buy. Have

Net red


Gunze, Let’s Slim, Jia Naibao, Mu Mu, Miss Huang

And the readers, relatives and friends pressed Amway

Classic card

Uniqlo, Calzedonia, SlimWalk, Tutuanna, Jonathan Astonlondon, Sheep Youpin BBS.

The evaluation mainly focuses on the bottom pants


Keep warm




Essence I am in a hurry to place an order and do n’t read it for a long time. You can read the class first


To sum up, the top three are right to buy ~

(Example declaration:

This sharing does not include any business promotion)

If you want to look at more specific needs, take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of their evaluation ~

Basic equipment


Most of the leggings are distinguished from the “d” on the packaging, which refers to “Denier”, which is the fiber fiber unit.

Generally speaking, the higher the value in front of D, the thicker.

Let’s review this formula



Suitable temperature

20 ~ 200d


10 ~ 25 degrees

200 ~ 400D


5 ~ 10 degrees

400d above/add velvet


0 ~ 5 degrees

However, because the merchants use different fabrics, the number of D numbers cannot be accurately judged. In order to take care of the differences in North and South,

The evaluation leggings cover a single -layer leggings of 100D ~ 800D, which are partially added with velvet. I’m afraid of cold, or readers in the north are right.

In addition, the length of the leggings is relatively large. The length of the warm+thick route is generally sufficient. It is not afraid that the leggings will be opened after the legs are opened. The cold wind comes in from the gap between the fabric.

In the small team

162 and 171 classmates are just right to wear M/L code

There is no problem that is too long or insufficient.

Slider to the right

The most important part!

At the same time, the legs of the trousers were stuffed with a 60 ° C hot water bottle. After 1 hour, look at their own warmth effects.

The initial temperature

Time of evaluation

Dang Dang Dang Dang ~ Result

as follows

Jonathan Astonlondon

Reader given

Amway, the thickness went to 800D, but I only bought dark brown, and after I got my hands, I found it as thick as autumn pants!

At first glance, it looks average, but it is really warm, and it is unexpectedly not to show thick legs. Autumn pants family is really invincible

Dumpling, cotton, very much like autumn pants

The Internet celebrity Gunze is very soft. However, it is not sure if it is different from the flagship store of a certain treasure. It has not felt its heating function for the time being, and the warmth is not enough. It is okay to wear it in the early winter or spring and autumn in the south, and it can’t hold it cold.

Stovepipe effect

Good leggings are “beauty beauty”, and those who understand women should be thin and afraid of coldness ~

Originally, I wanted to find the effect of my straight -to -leggings. This group of evil spirits usually grabbed the horse, and even counseled at the critical moment! You can only sacrifice Wan Ting with edema legs+fake ingredients.

Every time she bought the bottom pants, she picked out a bitter tears: I couldn’t hold the field chicken legs; she could wear and take off my legs and hard work; she was most afraid of reflecting on the elderly Disco’s sense of vision.

14 double comparison class

After finishing, sort according to the effect of thin legs

Slimwalk and Let’s Slim

The effect of stovepipe is almost Meitu Xiuxiu!

Needless to say, online red stove -legged socks LET’s Slim is the most long leg length in light leg artifacts last year. But this time with the veteran of the stove -legged socks, Slimwalk, the Let’s Slim lost a little bit.


Let’s slim

The leg legs with edema can be tightened by Slimwalk into dry radish. The Let ’s Slim can still see the swelling of the lower leg and belly, which is naturally thin.

Compared with positive effects,

Slimwalk has a throwing correction leg shape

, Sales a thinner and straightforward illusion.

The effect of slimwalk stovepipe was amazing, and Wan Ting didn’t want to take off. But (the most afraid of everything, but)! One day she jumped her two legs as if she had experienced binding Play, and she was uncomfortable to sit down with her knee nest. The ankle position looks like a plastic shell, which is very obvious.

Slenderness is thin, but unless I want to date the male god, I may not be able to use it for a whole day.

Dressing uncomfortable, but it can really make the knee thinner thinner

The folds will not be obvious and ugly

In addition, we must focus on Jana Bao:

Two models this time,

150D thin effect is very amazing

Intersection It’s not inferior to


The two belong to the quiet and silent player.

But remember to only 150D this, 110D skinny leg effects are about no

Kana Bao 110D

Jiana Bao 150D

Jonathan Astonlondon as thick as autumn pants

It was also very surprised that not only did the upper legs not expand, but contracted 0.1cm in it, moved!

This time is limited. This time, the electric toothbrush is brushed for 3 minutes to see the ball of the ball.

See the results of the evaluation



After a round of abuse, do you feel that the hair ball and cotton content will be raised


Very big, Japanese -based

Gana Bao, Tutuanna and G

Soft and breathable, it became the bottom player.

The main components of the fabrics are Miss Huang and sheep with nylon, spandex, polyester fiber, etc., and they do not have hair balls, but they will be stuffy.

This name is praised by Uniqlo ~ Although Uniqikuzhong Fan of the team also said that his underperforming clothes will be washed too much, but the Extra Warm series evaluated this time brushed with an electric toothbrush for 3 minutes, and the fabrics were free of waves. The little partner was a bit unbelievable, and he brushed three or five points, and the hair condition was not obvious at all.



The frequency of changing a year, the cost performance is still very high ~

The comfort of leggings,

Comprehensive considerations are soft, soft, good or not, and whether it will be stuffy.

Jonathan Astonlondon, Uniqlo and Tutuanna

These are the most softened!

Especially ASTONLONDON, plus velvet ultra -fine! Just pull it lightly, almost climb up the legs,

Good dressing MAX

Both sheep and Ms. Huang are giving grass for readers. The thickness is enough, and the softness is OK. It is smooth to pull it up from the calf.

But when the position of the thighs and buttocks is tight, it is difficult to wear

Ms. Huang is the second place that is difficult to wear: Every time I put it on my thigh, I have to play with it, which is not suitable for rushing to wear before going out.

But the advantages are also obvious: the position of the waist and hip is tight enough, and it will not slide down by how to move.

As for the veteran Slimwalk in the stovepipe socks industry, in order to show thin legs, it can be said to use it

Dens, firmly tie each inch of fat, the legs are thin, but the tightness and imperfect feeling are more dismissed.

Select it unless important dating and occasions. If you want to go shopping and walk all day, let your legs be embarrassed!

The waist and abdomen position is super tight, and the abdomen is forced by the way

In order to see which one is the easiest to lose the crotch, Wan Ting made hundreds of squats and completed the amount of exercise in one year. However, because they are all bought, they are full of elasticity, squatting 20 times in a row, basically no decline.

The only weak chicken is the most expensive Gunze! Its pants head design has almost no feeling on the waist. Although it is comfortable, it is a little afraid that it has not been able to survive for a winter, and it becomes a loss of tight soul.

Last lesson

Come again ~

Afraid of cold and comfortable first choice:

ASTONLONDON, Uniqlo Extra Warm, sheep

The first choice above 10 ° C:

Gana Bao (150D), Tutuannna (160D), Miku (180D)

Precision choice for stovepipe comfort:

Gana Bao (150d), Let’s Slim

Don’t rush to wear old leggings! After washing, you can also use the elastic band to stretch your shoulders to save shoulder and neck strain! (I really can pass it too much)

Recommended elastic Slimwalk


Strong chest abdomen, and keep your elbows straight

Just cool down, you can take pictures

Place the order.




















Keep warm








as follows